Saturday 17th March

The first band of the day that we caught was the awesome Collapse.


These guys hail from London and bring with them their own unique brand of hard hitting metal. Taking influences from the likes of Carcass, The Haunted and Lamb of God they really mix all of that into one big explosion on stage extremely well.


It maybe only just the afternoon but the crowd are definitely up for a party and with great comical chat on the mic inbetween songs Duncan Wilkinson definitely makes a great front man for this band and certainly knows how to get the crowd working.



There are great things ahead for these guys and judging by the reaction from the crowd things can only get better and better for them and well deserved too. 8/10

Next band of the day are Dripback.


These guys are also from London and have no intention of taking any prisoners during their set.


Their Hardcore/Grind/Death metal concoction certainly would wake even the hardened sleeper in the room, and no surprise that they have a huge fanbase considering they are made up of ex and current members of Labrat, Ted Maul, River Freshney, and Pure Negative. All of those bands combined into one definitely makes for some ear bleeding terror pumping from the speakers and the crowd certainly seem to be lapping it up.


The stage does seem a bit small for these guys as they crawl and jump all about the whole way through the set but they cope with it very well.


Dripback certainly made an impression today and left the crowd feel bruised and abused. 8/10

Next up are Hell.


These guys may be old but they certainly know how to kick ass on stage. Their theatrical sets have become a big talking point for these guys and is an epic sight to see, with many costume changes from vocalist David Bower throughout the whole set.


The crowd have definitely been waiting to see these guys as the cheers for them are deafening and they definitely don’t disappoint.


Having been around since the 80’s but kind of got overlooked by the press and alot of the metal scene from back then, they have now finally affirmed themselves with the metal scene and are certainly making up for lost time. 7/10

Amazingly up next are Wizard.


These German power metallers have a great stage presence and aren’t afraid to have fun on stage. Poking fun at each other throughout the set really helps the crowd warm to them.


It’s amazing that they are actually playing tonight considering all the bad luck they have had getting here, the guitarist cutting his hand and the other guitarist not being there.


Apart from this they put on a great show and as the set progressed had the crowd singing along and absolutely loving them.


It would be great to see them back over here on their own tour in the future with a full lineup. 8/10

Next up are Mortad.


These guys had a hard time of it due to being on at the same time as Dream evil, but this didn’t stop them in their onslaught. Seeing as their debut album was released just a month before this festival this show was definitely going to get Mortad some new fans, especially as Somi Arian (vocals) really knows how to work the stage and the crowd.


Being a female fronted death metal band the comparison to Arch Enemy is always going to be a talking point but they certainly do make you feel that they are carving their own path in the genre.


With a bit more time and with many more shows to come this year i’m sure Mortad are going to get even bigger and better and make a real impression on the scene. 7/10

The Brilliant Dream Evil are finally on.


Ploughing through every singalong track from their albums the crowd are in the party mood and Dream Evil are the best guys in town to deliver one. These guys never fail when they are on stage, they just have that feel good factor about them, even if your not a power metal fan you cant help but enjoy listening to them live.


The funniest thing about Dream Evil is the fact that Pete Pain on Bass has an uncanny resemblance to a bald Will Ferrel which always make me chuckle whenever i see them live.


The factb that this band can just be on stage playing some great power metal and have everyone in the crowd smiling throughout the set is truly amazing. 8/10

The death metal viking warriors Amon Amarth now take to the stage.


Many have said that their shows are boring, they have no presence on stage. Well tonight they certainly were not boring and burst with stage presence. From the moment they walked out onto the stage it was a Viking onslaught of the highest quality.


There was no let up from start to finish and the pit just grew and grew throughout the whole set. The atmosphere was just amazing and the band really fed off of this which in turn made the crowd react even more.


This has to be the best show to date that Amon Amarth have played that i have seen. An absolutely blinding set and left everyone just wanting even more by the time they had finished. 10/10

The homegrown talent of Skindred are the final band tonight and what a show it was.


Benji coming out onto the stage in an all bright white leather outfit just looked totally stunning, the atmosphere was electric and the crowd really enjoyed every minute of it. When it cam to tracks like Nobody and Pressure all bets where off in the pit, bodies where flying everywhere and the crowd surfing just got ridiculous but was a great site to behold.


By this time everyone was well and truly drunk and didn’t care where they danced, headbanged or started a pit and this just added to the immense fun that only Skindred can bring to a festival of this magnitude.


By the end of the set it was apparent that nobody really wanted it to be over but that was it, the festival was finished in terms of bands playing.


But the bars got hit extremely hard after Skindred finished and the next morning the carnage of the alcohol was evident from the zombies walking around the festival grounds. 10/10

All in all this was a truly amazing weekend, some great bands and great partying was had by all!



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