Hammerfest 2012 @ Prestatyn, North Wales UK

15th – 17th March 2012

Review by James Griffiths

Photography by Michelle Murphy

Thursday 15th March

After a 4 hour car journey in the most ridiculous car imaginable we finally hit Prestatyn North Wales. Once a suitable booze shop was found so we could stock up on much needed alcohol we finally found Ponins.

After driving round the coplex a few times we finally found reception where we needed to book in to receive passes and chalet keys. A few signs wouldn’t have gone a miss, but nevermind all was sorted and once settled into the chalet it was time for a well earned drink and much needed partying at the Hammerfest pre-party.

All the people that had purchased the Thursday ticket for the pre-party were in full party mode and gallons of alcohol was obviously consumed throughout the evening by all. The partying seemed to continue till the early hours of the morning and once Friday morning came round, the bleary eyed partiers that hadn’t slept yet was all to obvious for the smarter ones to see!



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