BURZUM – “Umskiptar” – May 22

BURZUM – Umskiptar: The new album from Varg Vikernes will see North American release on May 22.  Finding inspiration from the verses of famous Scandinavia poem “Voluspa,” Umskiptar is a return-to-roots album. Says the controversial musician:  “The vocals are more important than on any previous album with a total of 66 stanzas making up the album’s lyrics.” Umskiptar expands BURZUM’s ongoing influence of Nordic folk, but for this album adds more traditional heavy metal, signature BURZUM composition, and a keener emphasis on vocal delivery – once again presented in Vikernes’ native tongue. Umskiptar (or Metamorphoses) follows the historical story that details the creation of the world and its end as dictated to Odin, a recurring character in BURZUM’s lyrics. Umskiptar follows 2011’s Fallen. Said Decibel Magazine, “pounding, primitive rhythms are lashing by fizzing, frostbitten guitar which swirls in squalls around Vikernes’ inhuman, agonizing screech; a chilling mesmerizing, unflinching mirror on a profoundly troubled soul.”

Umskiptar Track Listing: 

1. Bloostokkinn

2. Joln

3. Alfadanz

4. hit Helga Tre

5. AEra

6. Heior

7. Valgaldr

8. Galgvior

9. Surtr Sunnan

10. Gullaldr

11. Niohoggr


The album is available for pre-order now at Candlelight’s official webstore. [www.burzum.org]



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