New CDN Label Deathbound Records sign Catuvolcus

Deathbound Records is a new Canadian label dedicated to all things extreme. We are extremely proud to introduce our first signing, the powerhouse black metal act Catuvolcus.
Catuvolcus‘ inspirations comes straight from bloody pages of history books rather than burning bibles. You can checkout the teaser of their debut album Gergovia below:

Catuvolcus – Gergovia  21/05/2012
1. Elaver
2. Par Monts Et Par Vaux
3. La Colline De Chanturge
4. Litaviccos
5. Impetus
6. Aux Portes De L’Oppidum
7. Recueil D’Opprobres
8. À La Poursuite Des Vents
9. Elaver II



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