Badfare State – New Video Released

The crossover thrash band from Spain Badfare State announces their first videoclip from the song “Genocidal Maniac”, included in their debut ep “Socially Dead”.

For more info
Badfare State was formed at the end of 2010 when Rojas (drummer in the goregrind band Haemorrhage and the death/grind act Greenfly) told his friend Chiky (that played guitar in early thrash/death/grind bands from the spanish scene like Estertor and Conato De Violencia) about to start a band that were a bit of a comeback to musical roots from both (heavy metal, thrash metal, hardcore/punk, hard rock…) taking the spirit and attitude of the first extreme bands from early 80’s. After some months of rehearsing and composition they decided to record a 4 tracks debut ep, asking to their friend Sordeath (vocalist in the punk/rock outfit Twenty years old where Rojas played drums too) about to join the band, and he did. During the summer of 2011 the recording of the four tracks was done, “Socially Dead” is the name of Badfare State debut ep, a blend between vintage metal, old school hc/punk and rock, with lyrics that deal about the misery and decay of civilization and humanity. Actually the band is promoting this recording, searching for a record label interested in releasing it and looking for a second guitarist to complete the line up.



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