The best Metal Festival in Southern Italy announces the special guest, the date and the new location!

It’s official: The 31 July 2012, at the historical park “Lago Del Bosco” in the city of Toritto, Bari, Italy, will be held the ninth edition of the TOTAL METAL FESTIVAL that will see at the top of its bill a true living legend of Metal: TESTAMENT!

After 10 years of hard work, many difficulties but especially of great satisfaction, the Total Metal Festival finally breaks through the wall that leads it into another level not only by featuring one of the most significant bands in the history of Metal, much loved and respected by generations, but also building a dream situation surrounding the event inspired, as they admit the same organizers, by the best European festivals and with the humble intent to begin, with this Edition, a climbing upwards, with the goal of reaching a level which is common to all the biggest Heavy Metal music happenings.

In ten years of existence the TMF actually increased a lot edition by edition, passing from small local gathering to unmissable annual happening for fans from all over Italy and beyond!

Not only this will be the first time that TESTAMENT will cross the boundaries of Southern Italy, but it will be even the only Italian date scheduled for their world tour!

But for the Total Metal Festival is not enough to have a legendary name on his program, for this edition it wants to offer to his faithful audience much more: a huge open air festival!

In fact, the new location looks pretty different from all the other usual Italian festival locations, surrounded by greenery, large trees that provide shade for those you wish to repair from the Sun and, above all, a historical reconstruction of a medieval village that borders with the concert area where thousands of people can enjoy the concerts of all participating bands.

The audience of TMF2012, therefore, not only can enjoy a full day of music and entertainment, but will also engage in lots of other recreational and cultural activities within the area of the festival as the archery and crossbow, medieval fencing, the soft-air and much more. If at all this we add a huge Booth area full of merchandise, gadgets and exhibitions of every kind, the chance to visit real houses of the middle ages and a well-stocked refreshment area we can easily see that the Total Metal Festival now has got nothing left!


The enthusiasm stems also from the words of the Organizer Luigi Pisanello: “We’ve always been proud of The Total Metal Festival because we knew how difficult it was to pull on a real metal festival in southern Italy, but since we have taken the first steps back in 2002, with a timid first Edition based mostly on the underground Italian groups, our goal has been to grow constantly and we already knew that we wanted for the tenth year something totally out of the ordinary and never seen in Southern Italy. Testament is a band that we always thought, from the beginning, but we knew we had to mature and gain experience before. Having them with us for the tenth birthday of the TMF is a dream come true for us and for our growing audience hungry for big events that, here in the South, have always been much more rare compared to the rest of Italy.


The new festival site www.totalmetalfestival.com is under construction these days, but you can still follow all event updates on the official facebook page www.facebook.com/TotalMetalFestival.

The appointment is fixed, there remains only to wait for the names of other bands, but all what is already announced justifies a reminder on our calendar of summer metal events: July 31!


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