Almah announces guitarist Paulo Schroeber’s departure

Paulo Schroeber
Paulo Schroeber

Brazilian metallers ALMAH issue the following statement about the departure of the guitarist Paulo Schroeber due to health problems:

“Dear ALMAh friends and fans!
I think many of you already know about health problems that our brother, partner and member of the band, Paulo Schroeber, has recently faced. Due to these problems we had to call another guitarist to replace him at the latest ALMAH shows during Motion tour, but we always hoped that Paulo would be with us again very soon.

Unfortunately, a very serious heart problem made it impossible for our friend to continue his long-termed works, and we received his message that he had to leave the band! All of us became extremely sad but at the same moment we respect his decision to stay with his family at such a delicate moment.

For us, there remains only one thing: to keep public our eternal support, love and, most of all, gratitude for all the great moments we had together! We are very happy to know that his treatment is going on and the diagnosis is positive. The band is here with all its energy and now it’s even stronger because we do what we love and ‘cos we respect all the dedication of our friend Paulo over these years of hard work and fun.
The name of new ALMAh’s guitarist will be revealed soon, together with announcement of new ways of the band and tour dates for 2012. The band’s “philosophy” to create music for the sake of music in friendship and fun will always be our priority.

Thanks for all,”
Edu Falaschi

Paulo Schroeber recorded two studio albums with ALMAh, “Fragile Equality” (2008) and “Motion” (2011).

ALMAh released its third studio effort “Motion” in September/October 2011 worldwide via AFM (Europe, North America), Victor-JVC (Japan), Laser (Brazil), Icarus (Latin America). The album achieved many positive reviews worldwide and it was recognized as the best album of the year by the main Brazilian rock/metal print medium Roadie Crew. Also, ALMAh got the best band award according to the magazine. In October-December 2011 ALMAh concluded the first leg of Motion Tour in Brazil. The band is confirmed for Metal Open Air in São Luís, Maranhão (Brazil, April 20-22) which is considered as the biggest national metal event.

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