Karnak Seti – In Harmonic Entropy

Reviewed: April 2012
Released: 2012, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Have we, the heavy metal fans, collectively reached the point where what’s old is new again? Specifically, have we come back around to being able to listen to a new melodic death metal album in 2012 without a hint of irony or boredom? I guess each listener will have to answer those questions for themselves, and hopefully for Portugal’s Karnak Seti, the answer will be “yes”. See, this quintet is firmly entrenched in melodic death metal, and a full listen to their independently released sophomore album, IN HARMONIC ENTROPY shows that they’re happy where they are.

That last statement was my backhanded way of saying you will hear absolutely nothing new or rule breaking from this band & album. However, the music contained on the album is definitely well-written, and solidly played; delivered with perhaps a bit more energy than your average melo-death band. Unfortunately that’s about all I can say about it; IN HARMONIC ENTROPY is a well-executed melodic death metal album, no more or less.

I feel a bit bad that I’m not diving into the album more, but each listen just blurs past me – it’s enjoyable enough when it’s playing, but there’s nothing that will make me come back to it once this review is published. I mean, if you really like WHORACLE – CLAYMAN era In Flames, then this will impress you. I guess this just proves that I haven’t reached that point where melodic death metal can impress me again.


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Track Listing:
1. Long Gone Shadow
2. Only Red Mist Descends
3. Loss
4. Among the Sleepless
5. Golden Age of Downfalls
6. Luctor Et Emergo
7. Stranded By Existence
8. Figureless Icons
9. Collateral Dreams

Luis Erre: Vocals
Antonio Jesus: Guitar
Renato Ramo: Guitar
Claudio Aguiar: Bass
Luis Barreto: Drums