Pink Floyd – The Wall (Experience Ed.


Pink Floyd

The Wall: Experience Edition

2012, EMI

Rating: 5/5

As the Pink Floyd reissue campaign: Why Pink Floyd? winds down we get Experience and Immersion editions of THE WALL. I reviewed the albums when they were released last autumn so for this release I will only comment on the 3rd disc of ‘Demos’.

Disc 3 is one of the most interesting of all the ‘Bonus’ tracks we have gotten during this campaign (IMMERSION Sets Not Incl.). These songs would be considered by many bands to be finished but not where Pink Floyd is concerned. They still had to tweak them even more to turn them into the classics that we are all so familiar with. For some of these there is little variations to the released version but to the Floyd freaks out there the differences are most likely quite massive. The sound of these ‘Demos’ is quite amazing and hard to believe they would consider them that. The quality is simply amazing. They are all interesting and enjoyable in every way possible.

A spectacular way to wind down the Why Pink Floyd? campaign. Floyd fans around the world can only hope that there is more to come in the future with Experience editions of ANIMALS, THE PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN and A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS. For me personally these reissues introduced me to many great Pink Floyd albums and songs and turned me into a fan. I always enjoyed some of their more well known ‘Hits’ so to speak but now I appreciate and enjoy their music on a larger scale.