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March of Death

Exhumed – Torture Killer – Tukkanuotta – Cannibal Accident

Virgin Oil, Helsinki, Finland, 16th of March 2012

Article and pictures by Petri Da Costa

Although Finland has many different metal bands and tons of international bands come here to play, the death metal scene rarely has an evening like this one tonight. Not only did the mighty Exhumed come back to Finland after playing last year in JaloMetal, but death metal fans also had the chance to see three talented Finnish bands. This ”mini fest” wasn’t sold out or anything like that, but there were a lot of fans in Virgin Oil this night.


Cannibal Accident from Turku was the first band on tonight’s bill, and they hit the stage sometime after 22.30. The death/grind band had about 30min. to do their set and it was enough to give a good impression on those who didn’t know them. Next up was Tukkanuotta with their death/thrash. The band has good riffs and the lyrics, if you understand them (they are in Finnish), have a lot of black humour, but for some reason tonight’s gig was just ok. Maybe what was missing was more speed or more aggression on some songs.


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After a short break, it was time for the ”veterans” of Torture Killer and if I’m not mistaken, this was one of the first gigs with new frontman Pessi Haltsonen. Promoting the recent released EP ”I Chose Death”, the band once again had a great performance, extreme and precise, without missing a beat. The new songs ”I Chose Death” and ”All Will End In Terror” sounded great live, as did frontman Pessi, although he seemed sometimes a bit shy, not really interacting with the crowd. Hopefully this line up will stabilize and a full length won’t take too long to come.


Last year I was able to see Exhumed live at the JaloMetalli Festival in Oulu Finland, and even though the gig was really good, it seemed too short. Luckily this time around they were headlining this event and played for about 60min. On this current tour, the line up consisted of founding member Matt Harvey (vocals/guitar), Wes Caley (guitar), Robb Babcock (vocals/bass) and Mike Hamilton (drums). As expected their gig started with ”All Guts, No Glory” and ”As Hammer To Anvil”, setting a path of live intensity and  aggression for the rest of the night. For the delight of fans of the two first records (1998’s ”Gore Metal” and 2000’s Slaughtercult”), the band played ”Decrepit Crescendo”, ”Limb from Limb”, ”Vacant Grave”, ”Necromaniac”, ”Casketkrusher” and ”Slaughtercult”, which was dedicated to death metal fans and bands from Finland. Included on the set also were newer songs like ”I Rot Within”, ”Distorted and Twisted to Form” and ”So Let It Be Rotten…So Let It Be Done”.  


Almost 1 year promoting ”All Guts, No Glory”, Exhumed is on top form and tonight’s gig was no exception. Closing their set was one of their most known songs: ”Open the Abscess”, which finished one hell of a heavy night in Helsinki.  Hopefully events like this one will occur more often in the future.

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