Arcturus – Nosturi Helsinki Finland


with Clockwork Spirit

The 17th of March 2012

Nosturi Helsinki


The Norwegian avant-garde Arcturus have gained a large following over the years.  The “temporary” break-up in 2007 definitely increased interest and attention towards the Norwegian avant garde metallers. The sold out gig Nosturi on Saturday was a piece of evidence of Arcturus’ long mystical astral journey. A long line was circulating outside club when thousands of people were waiting to get in on time.

The domestic Clockwork Spirit had been booked to open the night by offering their . The band was known as Amantrine before switching into the world of the spirit of clockwork. Obviously the technical problems ruined the second guitarist’s playing as after a few songs he dismissed the stage. Even though the debut album of Clockwork Spirit will be launched quite soon, describing the stuff is quite essential. The elements of Clockwork Spirit is a mix of dark and a bit avant gardish metal. The band truly suited to open for Arcturus. Unfortunately Clockwork Spirit had been forced to play in such a small and narrow place and stage, therefore the band suffered from the unsuitable and awful sounds. Clockwork Spirit should have fairly played at the main stage. 

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The venue was totally packed when the Norwegians hit the stage. The frontman Vortex aka Sime Hestnaes, had dressed an old school welding glasses with the old welding leather mask, which he later threw away. The drummer, Hellhammer, wore a silver mask whereas others wear more like troll clothes on.

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ICS Vortex is known for having a real wide range of vocal capacity covering from the symphonic oriented delivery to the brutal approach. His voice sounded definitely tremendous bombastic and above all majestic. However, his eccentric stage performance was kind of amusing, reminding of weird-looking see-sawing or jiggling at the stage. He truly lived up to the magical approach of Arcturus.  

The crowd was entirely spelled by astral journey controlled by ICS Vortex. The audience was heavily into Arcturus’ eccentric and spell-bounding avant-garde metal style. Whatever ICS Vortex asked the crowd to follow or do, they definitely did.


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Even though the band’s avantgarde with some progressive elements tied up sounded catchy, but the style presented by Arcturus definitely appeals to a wide range of audience. Above all the extreme metallers were dominating in the audience. Frankly it is interesting to note the band’s music appeals to progressive metal diggers as well.


As for the set generally, the set was a dissection of the Arcturus albums even though it is quite impossible to please each attendee. As someone was eager to hear more stuff from the latest opus SIDESHOW SYMPHONIES, whereas some blackened metallers wanted to hear only the stuff from the first opus. However the set list included songs  picked up from each album in general such as Deamonpainter, Chaos Path, Master Of Disguise, Alone etc belonged to the setlist of the night.  


Arcturus’ journey in the avantgard-ish world was definitely amazing performance during the 90 minute. It was definitely great to see the sold out club for a long time. It isn’t any wonder Arcturus will be seen on the Finnish soil at Tuska next summer. The band’s attraction and intriguing is definitely unavoidable. As much as they could book gigs, all of them would be sold out for sure. Welcome back Norwegians.


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