The Groundbreaking new metal/prog band Iceland, featuring celebrated drum virtuoso Pat Gesualdo, announced today that the release date for their self-titled debut album will be April 9, 2012. You can preview the tracks in advance at

Iceland features Pat Gesualdo,(drums), Dave Lowe (vocals), Frisco Ayala (bass), Danny Wacker (guitar), and Craig Smyth (keys).

“It all started in 2011, when drum guru Pat Gesualdo and famed metal/prog producer/engineer Eric Rachel (Symphony X), (Hatebreed), (Dillinger Escape Plan), were discussing the idea of creating a metal/prog style of music that has yet to be heard. It turns out that the two predicted the future, as Iceland is proving to be one of the most exciting metal/prog bands on the scene today!!

Dave Lowe’s soaring vocals keep you on an exciting metal journey. Guitarist Danny Wacker brings years of experience of playing for Baptized By Fire (Dee Snider’s son), and for top comedian Jim Breuer’s metal show band. The solid Bass lines of Frisco Ayala provide the structure for the band. Session keyboardist Rick Lewis draws on his vast experience, giving the songs a completely unique structure.

Celebrated drum virtuoso Pat Gesualdo combines great grooves, killer chops, and all around phenomenal drumming. Pat pioneered the Drum Therapy revolution, and made Drumming, Medical, and Education History all at the same time. He is the founder of the non-profit organization D.A.D. (Drums and Disabilities). Top celebrities, sports stars, and corporations join with Pat in his effort to help children fight disabilities throughout the world. Senators and Congressmen call on Gesualdo to help them write National disability laws to help protect disabled children and their parents. Pat is often featured in major television, print, and radio media outlets on a global basis.

“Although some songs are very complex, the music and vibe just developed naturally as the band set into the studio,” says vocalist Dave Lowe“We recorded songs that we thought people would really enjoy. We love rock, prog, and metal too, and want to give the listener a total music experience.”

“Apocalypse,” is the opening track on the new Iceland album, and sets the rock and metal feel for the band. “Reverse Osmosis and The trail of Adeus Bue are technical instrumentals that combine an exciting variety of musical styles. Rock ballads “World’s Apart” and “Sign From Above,” are easily future radio standards. With technical prog instrumentals, and metal songs with major hooks, there is no doubt that metal and prog fans now have a new favorite band.
Iceland- Iceland track list:


1. “Apocalypse” (4:08)


2. “The Buddha And The King” (3:08)


3. “World’s Apart” (3:25)


4. “Reverse Osmosis” (3:01)


5. “Sign From Above” (4:18)


6. “Carol Of The Bells” (2:14)


7. “Apocalypse” (Alt Mix) (4:33)


8. “The Trail Of Adeus Bue” (3:57)


9. “Egyptian Winds” (5:48)




From soaring vocals, to monster ballads, to great grooves and killer chops, Iceland takes you on an exciting voyage into the metal and prog world……….Like never before!!


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