Silent Opera – Immortal Beauty

Reviewed: March 2012
Released: 2011, Indie
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

The importance of Nightwish on the evolution of and influence on symphonic, gothic, operatic type Metal cannot be understated. With their explosion of global popularity, this particular sub-genre has been one of, if not the fastest, expanding sub-genres of Metal in recent years. Every month many of these types of bands from around the world enter onto the scene. This month (in honour of International Women’s Day, March 8th) we are going to have a quick look at seven newer bands, all of whom have a female vocalist, and all have released new albums recently. They are Diabolus In Musica (Spain), Evenoire (Italy), Meden Agan (Greece), Scarleth (Ukraine), Silent Opera (Italy), Sin Heresy (Italy), and Xandria (Germany). If you like the neo-classic, symphonic (etc) sub-genre, feel free to read the reviews in this series.

Silent Opera are started life as Dark Opera a Nightwish tribute band. See what I mean about the Nightwish influence? This Italian four-piece eventually started original compositions and in 2008 released an independent demo as Silent Opera. The band singed to Ravenheart Records a relatively new (2006) record label based in England dedicated to the support of female-fronted Metal bands. Is it possible they choose the name of the label based on the second Xandria album from 2004? Only label founder Aimee Halford knows for sure! In late 2011 Silent Opera released their full-length, debut album IMMORTAL BEAUTY.

This 11-track debut is extremely professional and well produced for such a young band. The soprano style vocal delivery was most impressive. It’s a shame that as of the time of writing this review, the news has come out that Lady Victoria and Alexandre (bass) have left the band. Their replacements are Kabal (bass) and Aria who will have some tough shoes to fill! However this album will be Victoria’s legacy for now until she makes a name for herself in another project is she chooses, and I hope she does, as her talent is too great to go unused.

IMMORTAL BEAUTY will draw obvious Nightwish comparisons but there is enough talent that they can certainly stand on their own song-writing merit. The sound is very smooth , the songs flow well, it’s not too heavy or dark by any means. I like some of the organ sounds that are at the beginning on the song ‘Chapter 7’. There are some sound effects and minor electronic sounds here and there on the album, giving it perhaps a bit more of a gothic atmosphere than some of the other more symphonic bands. There are some male vocals on the album and they are clear, not the growled styled. Every one of these albums needs an epic and the last cut, ‘The Silent Opera’ at nine minutes fills the role perfectly.

Silent Opera are in a tough and competitive field but they certainly meet all the requirements to make a name for themselves. IMMORTAL BEAUTY is a strong debut and a welcome addition.


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Track Listing:
1. Mask Manor
2. Chapter 7
3. Morningstar
4. Lilium
5. Selene
6. Farewell
7. Hidden Lies
8. Always With You
9. Introducing The Muse
10. Your Muse
11. The Silent Opera

Barbara Vigolo Vocals
Marco Clari Guitars
Davide Papa Bass
Loris Volcizzi Drums