Blackened Doom Visionaries VATTNET VISKAR Create Exclusive Mixtape for Cvlt Nation

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New Hampspire’s darkest export, blackened doom alchemists VATTNET VISKAR, have once again joined forces with underground music portal Cvlt Nation to destroy minds and reap souls. The site recently premiered a track off of the band’s upcoming Broken Limbs Recordings debut (stream it HERE) and have cemented the bonds between the two entities by inviting the VV camp to create an exclusive “mixtape” as part of Cvlt Nation‘s ongoing Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series.

Listen/download this eclectic musical document here:

“CVLT Nation is ultra stoked to announce that the Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series Vol. XXXVI Curated by VATTNET VISKAR has arrived. This mixtape won me over with some of their off the wall songs, which also happen to be some of my favorite songs of all time. When you hear VATTNET VISKAR’s music, you realize that something is special about this band, which can also be said about their song selection for this mixtape! They have a killer debut album which will be released on Broken Limbs Recordings on March 15th. VATTNET VISKAR will also be embarking on an East Coast tour in March, peep the dates & live footage after the jump. Hear what VATTNET VISKAR has to say about this mixtape below & download it so your brain will transform into space!”

Vattnet Viskar:
Here are a few words about the mix: This mixtape represents a collection of music which has gotten me through long drives, hardtimes, and sleepless nights. It shows that intensity in music does not always equate to heaviness. Although these songs don’t appear on the surface to have a lot in common, each one has influenced our songwriting in some way. Hope you all enjoy.

Philos – Russian Circles
Song to the Siren – This Mortal Coil
Pink Mammoth – Pelican
The Birth and Death of the Day – Explosions in the Sky
The Doorway – Neurosis
The Big Hush – Shriekback
Tour Rehearsal Demo Track 1 – Ash Borer
Mouth of Leviathan – Behexen
Noemata – De Arma
Torn Portrait – Loma Prieta
Part 1 – Taake
Unveiled – Unearthly Trance
Flares – VYGR
Never Was – KEN mode
Sweetheart I Ain’t Your Christ – Josh T Pearson

On March 15, 2012, the initial offering from atmospheric black/doom collective VATTNET VISKAR will see the light of day. The New Hampshire-based quartet have teamed up with brand-new Brooklyn label Broken Limbs Recordings to release a three song, self-titled EP that marks the band’s first foray onto vinyl. The ethereal cover art and layout for the release was conjured up by San Francisco artist Bryan Proteau whose gorgeous creations have graced the likes of DEAFHEAVEN, PALLBEARER, ATRIARCH, LYCUS, OBOLUS, and more. The album was recorded and mastered by Brett Boland (HETFIELD & HETFIELD).

VATTNET VISKAR recently stormed the stage at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus in support of Candlelight recording artists WOE and ABIGAIL WILLIAMS. Metal Injection were on hand to film the performance, which is available to view here:

The band’s previous release, a two song demo, was met with praise by both fans and the press, landing on several “Best of 2011” lists including American Aftermath’s “Top 5 Demos of 2011.” Their new material continues the momentum and malice, as VATTNETVISKAR ready themselves to take their place amongst the best and brightest of a new breed of USBM acolytes.

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