From Hell’s Heart – ROCK SCIENCE

From Hell’s Heart – ROCK SCIENCE


From Hells Heart

It was a dark and stormy night… Mother Nature (that bitch) had unleashed her fury and the temperature had dropped to -30oC as the few hardy Rock faithful gathered in JP’s secret, mountain-top castle to test a new top-secret project about to be unleashed on the world.

The fires roared, the tankards were filled with cold ale, the stereo was loaded with the new Iron Savior album (The Landing) and the assembled Rock Knights huddled around the round table and opened, for the first time…ROCK SCIENCE: The Rock Game Of The Century. A hush fell across the group of seven Rock Knights broke the sacred seal (the shrink-wrap) and unwrapped what was the latest, greatest Rock/Metal board game ever to grace the realm.

The Rock Knights (Evan, The Baron, Jade, the Thrashmaster, Kevin and the Metal Curmudgeon) each took their throne and choose one of the many multi-coloured guitar-pick (plectrum) player tokens and placed them on the board, each ready to do battle pitting his knowledge against his friends and colleagues. “They were few in number, but the look in their eyes told all who beheld

them that they would leave this day only in victory or death. And there was a great silence…”

JP read from the elder scrolls (the rule book) as the Knights became aware of the tricks and traps (the rules) of the game.  The game, clever, devious and well-designed was sure to provide untold hours of entertainment. The game had begun…it was not only a test of knowledge but a test of loyalty as each player had to declare his faith in the person answering the riddle.

What truly happened over the next two-hours will likely be lost to the mists of time but your faithful scribe and servant-in-waiting, JP, made a few notes on his parchment papers trying to capture the mysteries of that night.

Each Knight took turns asking and answer riddles of Rock (and Metal) as they moved around the board in a race against the other Knights.. There were many themes lurking in the riddle cards, such as ‘Song’, ‘Album’ ‘Rocker’, 50/50, ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and perhaps the most devilish of all, ‘Rock The Song’.   This fiendish category had each Knight taking the role of minstrel ever so briefly and without use of speech had to mime, hum, act, air-guitar and air-drum (!) the song, while the other Knights, (between fits of laughter) would try to guess, what song was being (badly) reproduced.

As a test of courage each Knight could choose a level of difficulty: ‘Poser’, ‘Fan’ or ‘Scientist’  with the reward of advancing his piece farther based on the level of difficulty. There were many, many questions of all styles and all eras ranging from Queen to Metallica, W.A.S.P. to Manowar, Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Nirvana and from Helloween to Megadeth and many more.  There are not enough questions about Journey!” lamented one Knight. Among the assembled Knights it was whispered and grumbled under hushed breath that there were too many questions about the lower forms of Rock, grunge and alt. Metal and Nu-Metal.  It was agreed that it was acceptable for the game is called ROCK SCIENCE not METAL SCIENCE, after all.

The battle raged for 45 minutes until one stood victorious, the Metal Curmudgeon with his arms raised in victory! The game was so fun we decided to play again!  And again The Metal Curmudgeon won and swept the tournament.

When the mists cleared, the assembled Knights left, satisfied that this game was a true triumphant, well made, well-produced and most of all fun and entertaining. They had agreed to return to do battle again in one month.

Not pictured Knight Jade (the only one responsible enough to stop drinking and leave a reasonable time)

The official soundtracks to the battle were…UFO-Seven Deadly (SPV, 2012), IRON SAVIOR-The Landing (AFM, 2011) and RAGE-Perfect Man (Noise, 1988) and the official anthem of Rock Science.  A single-track disc included in the game contained the theme song ‘Rock Science’ by the band IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC. Check them out at

To contact the makers of ROCK SCIENCE go to  and watch for our interview the creators soon! Join The Alliance and play ROCK SCIENCE!



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