Vallenfyre – Tavastia Helsinki Finland



The 2nd of February 2012

Tavastia Helsinki


Review and pictures by Arto Lehtinen


How many would have guessed the founder and core of the legendary Paradise Lost, Greg Mackintosh, would form an entirely new death metal group paying tribute to old school doom/death metal? Vallenfyre definitely presents the true form of the old school death/doom metal. The influences are obvious, drawing from the heyday of death and doom metal from the early 90’s and of course the 80’s. Approximately 200-300 old school death/doom maniacs had crawled to Tavastia to witness the debut gig of Vallenfyre.

The domestic Carnalation kicked the set off. The five-piece’s style could be described as a hybrid mix of death metal meets death core. The band did a solid set in the front of curious audience. The band raged on the stage by delivering the brutal approach. The band has been signed to Spinefarm therefore the debut album is supposed to be out. It was fun to follow when the parents of these Carnalation guys were hanging nearby the stage and were a bit drunk and having fun. Real supportive parents for sure.

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Vallenfyre got on stage on time at 10:00 pm. The set of the old school death metal mangling was kicked off by “All Will Suffer” and was followed by the stuff from the debut album A FRAGILE KING. The beginning of the 60 minute set was quite fumbling. The guys of Vallenfyre do have strong stage experience, having gained in other bands, but playing together brings other challenges. Being together for the first time on stage and fronted by the Paradise Lost guitarist on the mic was  definitely an entirely new and eccentric situation for the whole five piece. Mackintosh’s deadly growling was kind of lost in the early stage of the set. After a few songs his voice started getting more into the rotten deadly metallic approach. Obviously both guitarists had to find the right balance in playing live before finding the common connection at the stage.


As far as the list is concerned, it was only based on the material of Vallenfyre’s outputs A FRAGILE KING and both the songs from the 7’inch Ep. There was no chant or demand for Paradise Lost songs or My Dying Bride from the audience. Besides Mackintosh made it clear to the audience about not playing any Paradise Lost tunes. This was a Vallenfyre gig, not a Paradise Lost show. Paradise Lost is a guest at the Finnish Metal Expo, where several of their songs will be heard.

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The whole gig was based on the Do-it-yourself approach. The equipment had been borrowed and there was no rock star approach. Instead, the whole band was definitely down-to-the earth. The communication between Mackintosh and the audience created a few amusing jokes. At least some audience members rather opened their mouths a little bit too much to be honest. As stated above, the Paradise Lost guitarist Greg Mackintosh handled the growling vocals. All in all he handled the growling pretty well after finding the right style. As this was the debut gig of Vallenfyre, therefore we can overlook some points in the performance. The band will be seen on the stage more, it is more than sure Vallenfyre will definitely become a lethal live act, delivering real old school death metal. 


All Will Suffer

Divine Have Fled

My Black Siberia

Ravenous Whore

Majesty Dethroned

Grim Irony

Humanity Wept

A Thousand Martyrs



As The World Collapses


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