Greek Black Metal Dominance: Erevos Reintroduces Descensus Ad Inferos

A symphonic black metal force since 2004, EREVOS stunned those lucky enough to hear

Decensus Ad Inferos upon its release late in 2011 on Greece’s Orkestral Promenade Records. The time is now for the rest of the world to experience this brilliantly composed, frighteningly ferocious addition to a proud Greek black metal legacy. Decensus Ad Inferos was
recorded at Revolver Studios in Greece with mixing and mastering done by
Dan Swano in Sweden at Unisound studios.

Listen to album track “Adou Katavasis” at this location.

Adou Katavasis
The Omnipotence of the Judges
Those Who Decide About Fate
Under the Wings of Thanatos
Possessed by the Moon (of the Underworld)
Grotesque Blasphemy (Slaughter Pt.1)
Adou Anavasis (outro)

Erevos were formed in October in 2004 by Growler (vocals, bass), Tisiphoni (keyboards) and Kerberus (guitar). They had problems finding a drummer. One of the drummers that played with them was Morgoth from the blacksters Winterdemons. Finally in the summer in 2005 LDrac (Frozen Glare, Shadowcraft, Leachim, Witchcurse) joined the band.


In August in 2005 the first demo, Burning Souls, was ready. They managed to sell over 100 copies and the reviews were very good. But soon the guitarist Kerberus left the band for personal reasons. Soon, they found two guitarists, Silmour from Frozen Glare and Shadowstorm (former bassist of Terrordrome). Although They had many problems, they managed to release another demo in July in 2006. The demo is called Mythological Evil. The material is more aggressive and technical. The lyrics are about Greek mythology and Satanism. In this demo they had guest vocals, from W.S. of Frozen Glare and Lord Mephisto Draven of Shadowcraft. The artwork was made by Causalty.


After both guitarists left the band, Decomposer took their place. After several live performances in all over Greece, they released a split with Satanicon (U.S.A.), by Deathtoll productions from U.S.A.. Soon, another release came out by Satanhades productions (Portugal). This release contains the two demos in a DVD case. Also the live appearances began in Greece!


In 2009 they recorded the promo-EP Adou Katavasis and the mastering has been done by DAN SWANO! Decomposer left the band and George Julius (Mors in Tabula) took his place for a short period of time. He has been replaced by two great guitarists Pias and Shangton (Shadowcraft). Then, the holocaust began! In April they performed in Bulgaria and the bar was almost crushed! They have also supported in Greece the “Great names”!


In 2010 Shangton left the band and Abraxas (Rotting Flesh, Incest In Heaven) replace.Tthe band played again in Bulgaria two more times and they participated in Winterstorm Festival. After that they made a tour in France with a great acceptance by the audience!


In May 2011 they recorded their first full-length album Descensus Ad Inferos and released it by Orkestral Promenade Records (Grc). The recordings have been done at Revolver Studios in Greece. The cooperation with Dan Swano continued and the mixing and mastering have been done in Sweden at Unisound studios.



Everos has have played with MAYHEM, SATYRICON, GEHENNA, NECRODEATH, ARKHON INFAUSTUS , and many more, plus a tour in France and live shows abroad. Now the band is preparing for live shows in Greece and abroad, for the promotion of their album.



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