Sean Kelly – Where The Wood Meets The Wire

Sean Kelly

Where The Wood Meets the Wire

2011, Opening Day Ent.

Rating:  4.5/5

Sean Kelly is one of the best guitar players this Country has to offer. Whether he is playing classical guitar like he does on here or electric with the likes of Nelly Furtado, or working with Brian Vollmer and Helix or singing and playing in his own band Crash Kelly you cannot deny this man’s talent. Sean is an exceptional musician and this album showcases some of that.

You may be asking yourselves why a Classical Guitar album is being reviewed on a Metal site?  Well, many Metal musicians are influenced by Classical artists and composers. The late Randy Rhoads wrote the Classical piece “Dee” for his mother which Sean has covered on his first Classical guitar album. Another reason is that Sean is also a Rocker that has played in Helix and Brian Vollmer sings “Ave Maria” on here. Fair enough? Now let us get down to business……..

Apart from Sean’s previous Classical release and his Xmas one I am totally unfamiliar with this style of music. To my ears this album sounds perfect. It is relaxing, mellow and very tranquil. It is the kind of album you’d want to put on and spend the evening with that special someone alone. It transports you to that place where all is well and perfect with the world. There is a lot of Spanish style influence on here which makes you think of warm summer nights. A little heavy on the Spanish influence in parts but a fantastic Classical disc.

Very nice sounding guitars and very clear production. WHERE THE WOOD MEETS THE WIRE is an album I will put on time and time again. A well done album that is sure to help introduce Classical music to many people.