Overlorde SR ‘Medieval Metal Too’ Out In March

North Carolina’s first ever heavy metal band Overlorde SR will finally see a full length release ‘Medieval Metal Too’ from Heaven and Hell Records on March 6th.

Overlorde SR was born in 1979 in Fayetteville, North Carolina, by 1985 they released the legendary ‘Medieval Metal’ 4-song demo that sold 10,000 copies worldwide. Metalblade records then took notice and placed the band’s song ‘Keeper of the Flame’ on their ‘Metal Massacre VIII’ compilation album that has sold over 40,000 copies worldwide. Overlorde SR then would slip into obscurity and lore. European interest in obscure cult metal particularly U.S. bands would revive much interest in the band. For many years the way fans could obtain the recordings were the poor quality downloads and Youtube.

Now after almost 30 years this material will finally be released on CD with never before released tracks all fully re-mastered by Jaime King at The Basement Studios in North Carolina. Cover design provide by TJ Designs who has done a fine job of bringing the classic demo’s cover into 2012 Also history liner notes and photo gallery will be included as has come to be expected of the ‘Lost Relics’


Overlorde SR – Medieval Metal Too


01. Full Speed Ahead

02. Keeper of the Flame

03. Enchantress of the Night

04. The Year 2525

05. Knights of the Realm

06. So Be It

07. Troube

08. Keeper of the Flame (version ’87)


For more information on Overlorde SR : www.facebook.com/OverlordeSR



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