Roger Glover And The Guilty Party – If Life Was Easy

Roger Glover And The Guilty Party

If Life Was Easy

Released: 2011, Eagle Records

Rating: 3.5/5

More commonly known as the bassist for Deep Purple, Roger Glover releases his first solo album in nine years. For this collection of songs Roger has enlisted an array of musicians including Nazareth’s Dan McCafferty to lend his distinct vocals for “The Dream I Had”. IF LIFE WAS EASY is a diverse record to say the least as many different instruments and styles make up this musical journey.

An eclectic selection of songs make up this album. There are mellow songs that have a middle easter feel to them while being a bit Leonard Cohen-esque to full on Rockers. This is an album that is hard to describe musically as it doesn’t fit into one specific genre. It contains many styles and influences and all are equally interesting and well executed.

The average die hard Rock fan or Purple fan for that matter may not find this release to their satisfaction but to those with an open mind about music will really enjoy it. It is an enjoyable listen from start to finish and the different instruments add to the whole experience.