Paul McCartney – The Love We Make (Blu-Ray)

Paul McCartney

The Love We Make (Blu-Ray)

2011, Eagle Vision

Rating: 3/5 

“…a film that no music fan can afford to miss” is a line that is clearly stated in the press release for this Blu-Ray. This is a pretty accurate statement. While it is an interesting documentary on what some call the worst day in New York’s history and some say of the US. Either way, THE LOVE WE MAKE is an interesting documentary that was well put together. It follows Paul McCartney around NYC as he goes to the Howard Stern show, meets Ozzy and does interviews. It is interesting for music fans to see the backstage footage and what goes on behind the scenes. That is what makes the film interesting.

The video goes from Black & White to Color and back again and so on. It would have been less distracting if the picked one or the other and stuck to it. There is no consistency in it. Another mistake if you will was that after all the leading up to the concert we don’t get the performance. Why didn’t they include his performance as a ‘Bonus’?

A great documentary on the 9/11 Concert and how that date impacted Paul personally. Well worth seeing.