Cream – Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2005 (Blu-Ray)


Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2005 (Blu-Ray)

Released: 2011, Eagle Vision

Rating: 3/5

Once again Eagle Rock Entertainment release a high quality concert video. Eagle has become synonymous with issuing top grade, high caliber concert performances. These guys are the leaders in this field, bar none. With that said, they have given us the Cream reunion from 2005 in pristine quality.

Despite the exceptional quality, this Classic band come off as boring in a live setting. Maybe it was amazing if you were there in person that week in London but from a viewing on Blu-Ray stance it is pretty lifeless to watch. After viewing this release it is easy to see why Clapton got the name ‘Slowhand’. That should be shortened to just ‘Slow’. Granted he is a talented guitarist but he hasn’t done anything in years and just comes across as an old man going through the motions. Personally I enjoy the old Cream albums and was really looking forward to seeing this and hearing some great tunes performed live. I was generally disappointed with their performance which is quite a shame.

For such an exceptional quality release it is a shame that the band performance doesn’t live up to that same level of quality. They do play the songs well it is just a boring performance to watch.