OVERTURES: Offer free download of three new unreleased songs before the upcoming tour with Milan Polak

On February 2nd Overtures will begin the upcoming “Life Rebirth’s European Tour”, with Milan Polak as lead guitarist replacing Marco Falanga and the brazilian band Terra Prima as supporters. Overtures’ setlists will be mainly composed by songs taken from the latest album “Rebirth”, but nearly one year has past since its release. In the meanwhile the band already worked on new stuff and already started the pre-production of its new album. Three new songs will be also included in the setlist of the upcoming tour: this is why Overtures and Sleaszy Rider Records decided to release their “pre-production version”. Starting with the following one, one song per week will be released on the official website of the band (www.overtures.it) and will be available for its free download until the end of the tournè.

Frontman Michele Guaitoli stated:
“Overtures are always evolving. Since almost one year has gone since the release of Rebirth, and the new album is actually not so far…we decided to put in our next setlist also these three unreleased songs. This tunes will be a small introduction to the new album, like a connection between what we’ve done and what we’ll do. At the same time it is important, in our opinion, that the ones who will come to our shows in the upcoming tour will have the chance to know ALL the songs before their played on the stage. Releasing this pre-production versions, we give everyone this chance, and maybe also who does not know us or never listened to Rebirth or Beyond the Waterfall will have a chance, now, to get involved into our music. Like it or not..this is not a problem, but at least everyone will be able to listen to something totally new from the band, without purchasing anything.

This is the first song, freely downloadable from this link.

Complete and updated “Life Rebirth’s European Tour” routing:
February 2nd, Thursday @ Rome, Italy – Init Club

February 3rd, Friday @ Pordenone, Italy – Deposito Giordani
February 4th, Saturday @ Uster, Switzerland – Rock City Club
February 5th, Sunday @ Wien – Local Club
February 6th, Monday @ Poland, Bielsko-Biala – Rudeboy Club
February 7th, Tuesday @ Chemintz, Germany @ Subway to Peter
February 8th, Wednesday @ Prague, Czech Republic @ Exit Chmelnice
February 9th, Thursday @ Czech Republic – Club t.b.a.
February 10th, Friday @ Amsterdam, The Netherlands @ The Cave Rock Club
February 11th, Saturday @ Eernegen, Belgium @ Club B52
February 12th, Sunday @ Bruxelles, Belgium @ Shamrock Club
February 17th, Friday @ Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia @ Club Kewdr
February 18th, Saturday @ Postojna, Slovenia @ Club t.b.a.




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