Best of 2011 – Theis

Best of 2011 – Theis

TOP 20

#1. Nightwish – IMAGINAERUM

Nightwish has produced yet another awesome album! Despite not living up to my extreme expectations it is still very, very good and one of the MUST-hear albums of 2011 for EVERY metal fan.

02. Battlelore – DOOMBOUND

Battlelore has produced quality albums consistently throughout the years and DOOMBOUND is definitely one of the strongest if not the best of them all! This album beats the likes of SURTUR RISING, ELYSIUM, FROM CHAOS TO ETERNITY and that is a feat in itself.

03. Amon Amarth – SURTUR RISING


Following their latest release, TWILIGHT OF THE THUNDER GOD, Amon Amarth had some even bigger shoes to fill in than usually. Also considering front singer Hegg’s very huge shoe size … Nonetheless SURTUR RISING only features  stable songs and captures the essence of Amon Amarth perfectly. You are in for a sore neck the coming days after this one!

04. Svartsot – MALEDICTUS ERIS

05. Stratovarius – ELYSIUM


07. Steel Panther – BALLS OUT

08. Leaves’ Eyes – MEREDEAD

09. Rhapsody of Fire – FROM CHAOS TO ETERNITY

10. Myrath – TALES OF THE SAND

11. Divinefire – EYE OF THE STORM


13. Turisas – STAND UP AND FIGHT

14. Thousand Year War – TYRANTS AND MEN

15. Within Temptation – THE UNFORGIVING

16. Battle Beast – STEEL

17 Falconer – ARMOD

18. Alestorm – BACK THROUGH TIME

19. Vintersorg – JORDPULS


Best debut

Thousand year war – TYRANTS AND MEN

My fellow reviewer “Waspman” reviewed this one at our site and I’ll simply quote him: “TYRANTS AND MEN is an immensely enjoyable album, with not a single bad song to be heard.” – I can only agree and in close competition with Battle Beast this one emerges victorious!

Best Metal Concert

An Evening With Dimmu Borgir – Glasgow, UK

I have liked Dimmu Borgir’s music for many years. However, there are many songs from their oldest albums I have never listened to. On this evening the band played a special 2-set: the full ENTHRONE DARKNESS TRIUMPHANT album and a more “normal” mixed set. This made for a very special show with the most ridiculous amount of crowd surfers I have ever experienced at a venue (club)!  I went to the line hours before with a friend and we were the only ones there for several hours. I talked briefly to Silenoz several times and it’s always nice to meet down-to-earth band members. In many other ways it was a unique show since it was Shagrath’s birthday and the band’s staff had brought a birthday cake with candles on stage! Definitely the most memorable metal concert of 2011 for me!

Disappointments of 2011

Sirenia – The Enigma of Life

Sirenia’s last album, THE 13TH FLOOR, was absolutely amazing! But THE ENIGMA OF LIFE is dull and lacks the majestic feelings Sirenia can create in my opinion. The female front singer’s vocals are aeons away from what I experienced on the previous release. Luckily there is still some of Veland’s singing/growling. Hopefully 2012 will see a new Mortemia release from the mastermind himself.

Indefinite break; Battlelore

This came as a chock to me! Completely unexpected as they earlier this year released a very, very good and strong release; DOOMBOUND. I hope they’ll start making music together again in a few years time (approx.).

Hopes for 2012

Nightwish concert

Nightwish is touring once again and I have already booked my ticket for Copenhagen. Hopefully I’ll see them once more in the UK or somewhere else in Europe. Nevertheless, I hope they can trump the other times I’ve seen them

New Eluveitie album

Eluveitie is one of my absolute favourite bands and I have high expectations for HELVETIOS (the new album). Luckily it should be coming out early 2012 so I don’t have to wait too long!

New Epica album

The last Epica album was … yeah, EPIC! I am raring to see if they can keep it up!




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