Against the Plagues vocalist statement on David Ypres

I wanted to take the time to briefly discuss a good man we lost recently – David Gold. David Gold was not just a good man, but a damn good friend whom I had the honor of sharing the stage with on numerous occasions.  David , the guys in “Woods” , and I shared many laughs, drinks, and great times in Texas.
During his stay in Texas he and the band stayed the night at my house watching movies like “Conan the Barbarian”, drinking Whiskey and Lonestar, and trying to write down 10 different orders of “ Whataburger“ at 3 in the morning. We  discussed philosophy, music, and 80s cartoons.
Since then, David and I bonded and kept touch with each other on a regular basis online and on the phone.  I can recall that he’d send me random calls just to hear me do an imitation of someone.  We chatted not too long ago discussing the New Album. There are many things I can say about David. I recall when he told me that I was the “ funniest and most entertaining part of the tour”, which really meant a lot.  David was truly one of the hardest working individuals in the underground metal scene. His resilience inspires me.  Without a doubt, I will spend the next few days looking at old pictures and old e-mails and reminisce .
I am deeply grief-stricken by this incident – as I sit here in illness, I cannot begin to imagine how those closest to him must feel, and I wish I could share the pain next to them, in person.
David will be missed. The music he leaves behind, is a gift we  all should cherish.

The world doesn’t know what it has lost.

Orlando Logan Perez




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