U.D.O. Rev-Raptor European Tour 2011 with support at Kulturbolaget Malmoe, Sweden

 U.D.O. – Rev-Raptor European Tour 2011

Sister Sin – special guest
Sevenfield – support act

Kulturbolaget, Malmoe, Sweden
5/10 – 2011

Review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall



The German metal legend Udo Dirkschneider is currently out supporting his new album REV-RAPTOR in Europe and before he and his band came to Malmoe they had done seven gigs. On this leg of the tour the band Sevenfield and Sister Sin opened the shows. U.D.O. played at the best hardrock/metal club in town Kulturbolaget. I met Fitty Wienhold earlier during the day and asked him if the band had played at Kulturbolaget before. He answered that last time they played at this venue was about 1996-97. Sevenfield was already playing when I arrived to the venue about 30 minutes late and I could spot only a few people inside the club. I think that Sevenfield did their best on stage but their US mallcore music didn’t quite fit into the mood for the evening. I was more eager to see Sister Sin who recently released their second album called TRUE SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND and their edgy sleaze metal appealed to fans more than the music of Sevenfield.


Sister Sin

The band comes from Sweden and kicked off their evening with the song “Sound Of The Underground”. The band didn’t have a great start because the singer had problems with her mic. Instead she took over the bass players mic and continued singing. The members in the band are:

Dave – drums

Jimmy – guitar, b-vox

Benton – bass, b-vox

Liv – lead vocals

Then followed “Better Than Them” and “One Out Of Ten” and the gear started to work in the third song. “Outraged” then followed and now could Liv focus on fronting the band instead of messing with the mic. Liv was so tiny that she had to stand on a box marked with Sister Sin when she sang and stood still. But during the major part of the show she ran around and banged her head troughout most of the songs. Most songs were from the new album and the music sounded a lot harder, meaner and edgier live compared to the album. Liv said that the band had been in Finland and played the day before which was fun but nothing beats to be playing in Sweden she said. When Liv announced the U.D.O. cover “24/7” the crowd went mad and sang along with Liv during the song. She was literally a whirlwind on stage and she really connected with the audience big time.




Benton took the mic and said that he wanted to see hands in the air during the next song and urged everyone on the floor to scream hey, hey, hey before he kicked off “I Stand Alone” and it seemed like a majority of the crowd really liked Sister Sin and their music. The bands sleaze metal worked much better than the music of Sevenfield and I have to say that even though the band only had one guitarist he sure made noise like at least two. Liv thanked U.D.O for letting Sister Sin tag along on the tour and jumped up on her box and kicked off “Beat Em Down”. The next song “Love/Hate” was taken from the bands first album SWITCHBLADE SERENADE and “Rock’n’Roll” was a cover of the Motorhead song. The Motorhead cover ended the show and 45 minutes had rushed by in a hurry.



Set list

Sound Of The Underground

Better Than Them

One Out Of Ten


24/7 (Cover U.D.O)

I Stand Alone

Beat Em Down


Rock’n’Roll (Cover Motorhead)

The show was great and it was fun to see a band with so much energy and focus live on stage. I’m sure this band in a few years will rise to pull off shows as a headline act. The only thing that dragged down the experience a bit was the technical problems but that wasn’t the bands fault.

A lot of Danes had found their way to Kulturbolaget this night and the venue was semi-full when it was time for U.D.O to enter the stage.



The curtains dropped to the sound of the intro and revealed the members which are:

Igor Gianola – guitar

Stefan Kaufmann – guitar

Francesco Jovino – drums

Fitty Wienhold – bass

And as soon as the band kicked off the song “Rev-Raptor” entered Udo himself the stage to the audience roar. Udo, as always dressed in camouflage clothes, continued the show with “Dominator” and “Thunderball”. The band was incredibly tight and new exactly what to do in order to get the crowd going. “Leatherhead” taken from the new album followed and the songs was run through quite fast. Udo isn’t known for being a chatter box, instead he lets the music do the talking and this night was no exception to that rule. The sound worked perfect by now as well as the light and Udo, Gianola and Wienhold used the stage to the fullest while Kaufmann stood more solid on his spot during the show. The audience went ballistic when the first Accept song for the evening was played in the song “Screaming For A Love Bite” and nearly tore down the entire club. It seemed like the band really loved to be on Swedish soil this night and in the middle of the song everyone walked on stage, except for Jovino of course, towards the middle of the stage and formed a line while they finished the song. Udo’s voice sounded like it always has for the last 3 decades and he showed no sign of tiredness at all. His razor sharp vocal chord worked perfect in songs like “Heart Of Gold” and “Vendetta” as well as the ground breaking “Princess Of The Dawn”. The crowd sang a long in the song and it’s always something special to hear the old Accept songs with Udo on vocals and with Kaufmann by his side. Even though I have heard this song maybe one too many time is it still fun to hear and see Udo sing it.







The show stopper “I Give As Good As I Get” taken from the new album REV-RAPTOR came next and kind of put a lid on the party mood in the club. Jovino had a huge drum kit with steel bows besides him that lit up the stage with different patterns. The bow showed hears when “Screaming For A Love Bite” was played for example. Someone who really worked the stage was Gianola that really got the crowd going with his guitar playing and his jokes with the fans. As soon as Udo had sung his part he walked off stage and everyone except Gianola followed him. Now it was time for a guitar solo which made a pretty standard solo but he did one fun thing and that was to walk down into the crowd playing. He also let the crowd take pictures of him while he played and that was something the fans really appreciated. After the quite long solo he walked on to the stage again and kicked off “Neon Nights” and the rest of the band joined him. “Break The Rules” followed instantly before it was time for the drums to announce the major hit “Man And Machine”. Needles to say had the temperature gone tropic inside the club and the fans sang, jumped and headbanged like there was no tomorrow.









Then came an ordinary and quit boring drum solo and it only made me wonder why artists are still doing solos, aren’t solos passé today? Jovino’s solo was also one of the most boring ones I’ve ever experienced for a long time. “Living On The Frontline” and “Up To The Limit” continued as well as the last song on the ordinary set list which was “Two Faced Woman”. It was a very sweaty band that walked off stage but they only got a few minutes to rest because the crazy audience wanted to hear more from U.D.O. and shouted for encores. The first encore was of course the monumental song “The Boogeyman” which was followed by an Accept classic in “Metal Heart”. Kaufmann contributed with a shorter guitar solo that turned into the beginning of “Metal Heart” and the crowd sang a long in the entire song. As soon as the song was over Udo once again thanked the amazing crowd for such a warm support and walked off stage. But he and the guys was brought back on stage again because the fans wanted to hear one more song before the night was over. “Balls To The Wall” ended the great U.D.O. night at Kultubolaget and as soon as the song was over gathered the members at the middle of the stage and thanked the fans for the support. The show was amazing and the set list was perfect.

I missed a few of my favorite songs but it was overall a brilliant set list. It’s hard to imagine that Udo is over 60 years old when you see him live! Sure, he may not move around as much on stage as before but come on, the man is a living legend and can do whatever he wants.  If U.D.O. comes to your town be sure not to miss them, a warm thank you goes out to the people that brought U.D.O. to Malmoe – the bookers at Kultubolaget.





Set list






Independence Day

Screaming For A Love Bite

Heart Of Gold


Princess Of The Dawn

I Give As Good As I Get

Neon Nights

Break The Rules

Man And Machine

Living On The Frontline

Up To The Limit

Two Faced Woman

Encores 1

The Boogeyman

Metal Heart

Encore II

Balls To The Wall

Thanks to Totte Lundgren general of Kulturbolaget for help with press/photo pass to the show and also a big thanks to Kristian Kornhage head of press at Kb, also a huge thank you to the nice staff and crew at the club.


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