Remembering Chuck: A Tribute To Chuck Schuldiner

Where do you think Chuck would be today if he was still playing Metal?

Chuck8.jpgEric Greif (former manager of DEATH and president of Perseverance Holdings Ltd, managing the legacy of DEATH and CONTROL DENIED): Chuck would have his own studio, be producing lots of bands, and have branched out into different dimensions of Metal. He’d probably be doing movie soundtracks, and maybe even a pop record under a phony name (like Charlie Malcolmson).

Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY, ex-DEATH): There’s no way to accurately answer that in my opinion. I suspect he would be playing some sort of intense Metal, be it straight ahead Heavy Metal, high tech progressive stuff, or even back to brutal Death Metal. All I know is he’d be playing what he wanted and would be playing it well. Case closed!

Terry Butler (ex-DEATH, ex-MASSACRE, OBITUARY): I think Death would probably be a hybrid of Dream Theater meets Judas Priest. Something in that vein.

Jeff Becerra (POSSESSED): I would really like to think that Death would be on a world-wide tour with Possessed (day-dreaming). But in all seriousness, I truly and genuinely believe that if Chuck wouldn’t have died he would have taken Death into the major leagues and been one of the most popular Death Metal bands in the entire world. And Chuck would be recognized and honored in the same type way that we see Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and the other metal giants of the world. And even today many people (including myself) still think of Chuck as one of the best guitarists and Death Metal icons that will ever have walked this Earth!

Patrick Evil (SATAN’S HOST): I think Chuck would have kept pushing the envolope in his music and taking us to places we have never known. I know he has changed myself in how I write music and there are countless musicians around the world who carry the flame for him so his music will never die!

Dave Rotten (AVULSED, XTREEM MUSIC): I think he would be totally out of the Death Metal universe and more into Control Denied, playing & singing Heavy Metal and / or other kind of technical / progressive stuff.

Mem von Stein (EXUMER, SUN DESCENDS): Right up there with all the current extreme bands that are relevant these days…

Laurent Ramadier (SNAKEPIT MAGAZINE): I guess Death wouldn’t be around anymore as its plans were clear when he was still with us… he would be around releasing Control Denied albums, certainly experimenting different singers with each albums…people like Christian Augustin (Sortilège), Harry Conklin and the likes… he would certainly have got some bigger recognition as he was starting to receive interest from guitar magazines during his last year with us but I doubt Control Denied would have become a major bucks machine like Nuclear Blast likes to build. I’m pretty certain he would still have the same integrity and his major challenge would be delivering kick ass riffs!

Ted Ringo (THE CRYPT RECORDS): Most likely he would have invented another genre of metal with his genius and ingenuity.

Brian Werking (EXMORTIS): Chuck would be at the top of the game. Many people thought he was going to loose his light after SCREAM BLOODY GORE and all the line-up changes. I can understand what he went through completely. If what you are doing is your own creation then you’d better make sure you have the right tools (people) to help you in your quest for greatness. If music is truly your life then make it happen. In my opinion he did make it his life and is still living it today. “Open Casket” my friend and may you continue to live forever…

Bob Bagchus (ASPHYX): He would be playing very progressive Metal, I guess.


John McEntee (INCANTATION, FUNERUS): If Chuck was still around today I’m sure he’d still be playing music. He probably would be concentrating on Control Denied more than Death. He was a very creative person and I’m sure he would be doing anything else besides music.

Mike IX Williams (EYEHATEGOD, ARSON ANTHEM): Dead. Rest in peace, “Evil” Chuck.

Pest (GORGOROTH): The way the band progressed, I am not even shure he would still play metal… Maybe jazz… or some sort of Rush sounding thing.

Mike Browning (ex-MORBID ANGEL, ex-NOCTURNUS, AFTER DEATH): I think he would probably be doing even more technical music, it would still have that trademark sound that Chuck has always had but I think the music would be even more insane technically! Chuck will always be a legend and missed greatly in the Metal music world!

Esa Lindén (DEMIGOD): He would probably play a very technical Metal; the kind of music that possibly would have nothing to do with Death Metal anymore. He was very talented so he would have found new ways to express his songs to the Metal world.

Danny Lilker (NUCLEAR ASSAULT, BRUTAL TRUTH): Ha! Judging by how intricate those guys were getting, if Death was still together now I’m sure they’d be playing some crazy shit.

Michael Dorrian (ANATOMY OF I): He would probably be working on the 5th or 6th Control Denied album, while still not getting the credit and exposure he deserves…

Toni Weidlich (CRYSTALIC): I think he would be one of the most appreciated musicians in the Metal scene as he was in the past. Still doing his unique Metal but on the ‘new level’ with Control Denied – and telling people that they should never give up from their dreams. He would obviously be fighting for getting the real Metal to people’s consciousness.

Daniel Rego (DEMONIC RESURRECTION): On stage, still playing his music to his legions of fans, and writing albums that continue to push the boundaries of what Metal can represent.

Lasse Pyykkö (HOODED MENACE, PHLEGETHON): Probably he´d be quite popular playing technical prog Death that I would not buy though. No way he could ever beat SCREAM BLOODY GORE or LEPROSY but then again… who could?

Control Denied album.jpg

Frank Van Kwartel (SARGON): I can only imagine what Chuck would be doing if he were still alive… I’m sure he would’ve at some point done another Death record, and I know that he would’ve continued to break new ground with Control Denied the same way he did with Death. Honestly, I loved his vocals on the “Painkiller” cover he did. I would’ve loved to hear him sing with that voice on his own material. Think about it… That voice he made was completely original, and I’ve never heard anyone do something like it. The closest I’ve heard up to date is on the Control Denied track “Expect the Unexpected” but that was Tim singing. That voice was the perfect middle ground between growling and clean singing falsetto, but with power and straight from the gut! Even to the end, Chuck was a true innovator, and it saddens me that we had to let him go so young. All I know is that he’s somewhere right now downing the brews and barbecuing with Randy, Cozy, Dimebag, Dio and all the other greats we’ve lost.

Laurent Merle (LISTENABLE RECORDS): I think he’d still be around in the Metal scene, he was a very impassioned musician. He would have taken several other musical path like Control Denied and then do a few more Death albums and would have gathered a legendary line-up to ravage all current festivals and we’d all be crazy about it.

Jed Simon (TENET, ZIMMERS HOLE, ex-SYL): Well, hopefully we would be in a band together! Seriously, I believe he would just have continued in his tradition of delivering great music, played with love, from a very big heart.

Marko Tarvonen (MOONSORROW, BARREN EARTH): Headlining the arenas with Death for sure!

Steve Rice (KILL RITUAL, ex-IMAGIKA): I think he’d probably be putting a lot of effort into Control Denied since it seemed like his heart was in doing music that was a little more melodic and progressive at the time of his death.

Tuomas Karhunen (FORGOTTEN HORROR, DEATHCHAIN): Among one of the greatest Metal musicians, as he already is.


Thanks to the following individuals who got involved with this tribute feature of Chuck Schuldiner, sharing their memories and thoughts about the true Metal icon:

Bob Bagchus (ASPHYX)
Jeff Becerra (POSSESSED)
Terry Butler (ex-DEATH, ex-MASSACRE, OBITUARY)
Michael Dorrian (ANATOMY OF I)
Patrick Evil (SATAN’S HOST)
George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher (CANNIBAL CORPSE, PATHS OF POSSESSION)
Mark Jansen (EPICA, MAYAN)
Frank Van Kwartel (SARGON)
Esa Lindén (DEMIGOD)
Tony Portaro (ex-CALIGULA, WHIPLASH)
Laurent Ramadier (SNAKEPIT MAGAZINE)
Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY, ex-DEATH)
Kelly Shaefer (ATHEIST)
Toni Weidlich (CRYSTALIC)
Brian Werking (EXMORTIS)




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