Pain Of Salvation – New video interview

Imhotep‘s Roy Kristensen met up with composer Daniel Gildenlöw from the great Swedish band Pain Of Salvation. They spoke about life, music, lyrics and playing live.

In the first part they talk about being tired, singing, the band’s development, dynamics and the “BE” album.

In the second part they talk about concepts, “Road Salt”, lyrics and playing live.

In the third and final part they talk about writing music, vocals and about life. This part includes the whole song “Kingdom Of Loss” exclusively for this video interview.

The live material is filmed by Roy Kristensen at John Dee, Oslo. Live pictures shot by Lise Mette Eidet for Eternal Terror Live. Dainel Gildenlöw pictures by Lars Ardarve.


Pain Of Salvation part 1



Pain Of Salvation part 2



Pain Of Salvation part 3





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