Stinger – Interview with guitarist Shaddy Elsaghir

Stinger: Interview with guitarist Shaddy Elsaghir

Interviewed by JP


Tell us about the early origins of the band!

I’d have to say Stinger started after I quit Throne of Vengeance, and was looking for something I could lead, and establish on my own. I didn’t like the lack of identity or direction in my old band, I know what I want my music to sound like and I know kind of how I wanna go about the whole thing, Chad V auditioned and kicked my ass, then we both ended up just going through a rotation of different musicians till now.

In a time when many younger Metal musicians are choosing to go with a heavier sound, what inspired you to play straight ahead, classic Metal?

The heavier sound, never fully understood it. To me Zeppelin is heavy, you don’t need down tuned guitars and discordant vocals to sound heavy, I guess I’ve always considered it an attitude, no limits on your music, cater it only to yourself never to other people, I think thats pretty badass. And on a second thought I’ve always fucking despised cookie monster vocals.

Many people suggest that physical media is a dying medium.  Why did you guys decide to release an actual CD?

I think its great having a CD, were lucky enough to be able to produce CD’s, back in the day you NEEDED a record label to release anything hard copy. I think its awesome, music enthusiasts love having CD’s and Vinyls of their favorite bands, I think once I decide not to buy records myself I’ll stop releasing hard copied records hahaha which I don’t think we’ll be anytime soon.

In as related question, have you decided to use this indie debut to shop to record labels or are you going to do it all yourselves?

You know I hate to say we’ve been lazy on that end, after our CD release we toured and after tour we burnt out and lost some members, once we get the ball rolling we’ll definitely look into all the

outlets we can use to make this band more well known. I have nothing against signing with a label if we came across the right one.

Tell us about the cover art.  Who did it? Is physical packaging still important?

Tank Standing Buffalo is his name, no joke haha, he’s pretty well known on the metal scene for doing all kinds of different art. He is absolutely incredible, really artsy type dude kind of on  a different

plain then the rest of us, but I think the cover arts great and the logo he designed for us was perfect.

I understand there have been some line-up shuffles. What is on the horizon for Stinger?

The goal is to always better yourself and your band, we had a great thing going with the old lineup but some dudes just weren’t happy, and that’s their perogative. To make a long story short, Version 2.0 is gonna kick ass.

Any last words?

Yeah man thanks for the talk! Check out Stinger – Manic Depressor, the tracks and live videos are all over youtube, support classic heavy metal and come get drunk with us!!! m/


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