Sodom, Krux and Nocturnal Rites confirmed for Sweden Rock Cruise in March

Three more bands have been confirmed for the Sweden Rock Cruise, which sails from Stockholm to Turku and back on March 29th-30th: Sodom, Krux and Nocturnal Rites. As previously announced, Blind Guardian will also join the cruise, making the line-up so far look like this:


Blind Guardian



Nocturnal Rites

Two more bands to be confirmed shortly!



Sodom (D)
30 years and 13 albums down the line, Sodom retains its position as one of the big three within German thrash metal. Having in its early days acted as a forerunner of the black metal genre, the three-piece went on to deliver oneviolent thrash opus after the other, with classics like ”Obsessed by Cruelty” and ”Agent Orange” settling in nicely in their discography together with their latest brutal album ”In war and pieces” (2010). This even in times where their colleagues would sell out and make pop records, or simply give up. As front man Tom Angelripper is not late to mention, Sodom never made a comeback or wentback to their roots – simply because they never quit in the first place.

As much in the studio as on stage, the band remains a steamroller of a power trio, having no problems to give any young upstart a good run for their money.
Krux (S)

The father of doom metal, Leif Edling’s (Candlemass) side project Krux has been widely acclaimed for it’s first two albums ”Krux” (2003) and ”II” (2006). Newly released ”III: He who sleeps amongst the stars” stays on the same successful path and was recently elected number one in Sweden Rock Magazine’s “Jury”-section.


With the versatile and well-reputed singer Mats Levén in the front, the band is a slightly, but just slightly, lighter cousin to the deep and heavy darkness that has made Candlemass famous. The collected curriculum vitae of band members such as guitarists Jörgen Sandström (Torture Division, ex-Entombed, ex-Grave) and Fredrik Åkesson (Opeth, ex-Talisman, ex-Arch Enemy) and drummer Peter Stjärnvind (Unanimated, Nifelheim, ex-Entombed) is a never-ending story.


There are only a select few who have been fortunate enough to see Krux play live. Since the members have been busy with their respective careers, the gigs have been rare and exclusive – as if we needed another reason to be proud to present a gig with this amazing band on the next Sweden Rock Cruise.
Nocturnal Rites (S)

Most fans of melodic and powerful metal had probably given up hope for Nocturnal Rites future when a few years of silence was all that followed the guitarist Nils Norberg’s departure in 2008. But when we least expected them to rise again, Christoffer Rörland was presented as the replacement and the planning for what will be the first record in almost five years started.


The band from Umeå in northern Sweden was formed in 1990 and released their debut album ”In a time of blood and fire” in 1995, but soon found themselves in the shadow of newcomers such as Hammerfall and Edguy, in the wave of power metal that gained momentum at the end of the millennium.


The band however continued unwearyingly to write strong melodies and infectious choruses. With highly acclaimed albums such as ”The sacred talisman” (1999), ”Shadowland” (2002) and ”Grand illusion” (2005) among their merits, many claim that Nocturnal Rites deserve a wider breakthrough. Especially the singer Jonny Lindqvist, who replaced Anders Zackrisson in 1999, has been praised as one of the most underrated in the genre of melodic metal.


Pris: Tickets including part in cabin from 595 SEK
Check-in: At the Tallink Silja terminal in Värta harbour, Stockholm at 18.15 on March 29th. The ship departs at 19.15.
Age limit: 18 years.

Booking and more info: Please visit or call Tallink Silja at +46 8 666 3333.

Product code to state when booking: METAL



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