BLEEDING RED announce album name, artwork, and release date

The German death/thrash metal outfit BLEEDING RED have just announced the first details from their upcoming album.

The album name will be “Evolution’s Crown” and will be released at March 23, 2012 via Black Bards.

Guitar player and singer Timo commented:

“First of all, “Evolution’s Crown” represents mankind itself. If you take a closer look, the title is made of the “Top of Evolution” and the”Crown of Creation”. Both are expressions that come from contradictory ideologies. Now by mixing them up, we want to ridicule both of them, because for us, none of them has understood reality.

BLEEDING RED also announced the cover artwork of the new album (see attached).

Timo commented the cover:

“A burning earth in a human hand. Actually, I only want to make clear that it’s not about man as a threat to the planet itself. One must be very out of touch with reality to think
this way. It’s much more about the human race, destroying its own livelihood and eventually extinguishing itself.”

Check out the short video trailer about the cover:

Also available:

Studio-Report 1:

Studio-Report 2:

“Evolutions Crown” will be out at March 23, 2012 via Black Bards. |



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