ENTHRALL – New album”Throes Of Fire” out via METALFIGHTERS



Neil Rego is known to be the creative singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for ENTHRALL.

Since its inception in late 1995,by friends still in high school, in Bangalore, India, ENTHRALL embarked on a journey to perform Progressive Heavy Metal in the India Rock circuit, gaining valuable experience and perfecting their amazing talent. More significantly, one of the few bands in India to compose and perform original music, at the beginning of their career.

In 2005, ENTHRALL completed their debut album, entitled “Infernal Horizon” .This album was released independently. Several of the songs, including hits such as “Tantalizing Maiden”,”Wicked Stand”, received a lot of Internet play and garnered amazing response from the music fans.

After several years of being unsigned, ENTHRALL received an offer from the well known independent label in Greece, METALFIGHTERS. A new album was conceptualized, when due to circumstances beyond control, including relocation and family responsibilities, the remaining band members decided that they did not have the commitment to complete the album and decided to leave the band. That being said, it has not been ruled out that these legendary and prodigious members will be back someday.

In the meantime, Neil Rego decided to soldier on and ENTHRALL has now become a solo project. Future work put forth by ENTHRALL will showcase the exemplary and dazzling array of songwriting by Neil Rego that will be etched in the memories of Metal fans across the world.

About the Album:

Album “Throes Of Fire” released on December 01 2011,worldwide, via METALFIGHTERS.

“Throes Of Fire” is a concept album. The story behind the songs revolves around the life of a fictitious individual, named ‘RAVEN. Evil, torment, anguish, sympathy and sadness…emotions RAVEN comes face to face with through his phases of life.

The songs have elements of Progressive, Power, Thrash and Groove; coalescing to give Metal fans a rapture of delight.



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