‘ONCE UPON A NIGHTWISH: The Official Biography 1996-2006’ ; Kindle Edition eBook Now Available

'ONCE UPON A NIGHTWISH: The Official Biography 1996-2006'
'ONCE UPON A NIGHTWISH: The Official Biography 1996-2006'

The Kindle Edition of the acclaimed ‘ONCE UPON A NIGHTWISH: The Official Biography 1996-2006’, by Mape Ollila, is now available in English language in all Kindle hardware and app formats via Amazon.com, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Italy, and Amazon Spain. Upcoming editions of the English language ebook formatted for Nook and Apple iBookstore will soon follow.

View the Amazon.com page, including a look inside and downloadable sample chapter, at this location:


In this remarkably revealing official biography, author Mape Ollila charts the rise of Nightwish from village student project to global stardom, based on unprecedented access not just to the members of Nightwish past and present; but also their families, their loyal and lewd crew, their peers, their critics, and countless other insiders from the Nightwish adventure. The book lays bare the creative firepower and personal demons of songwriter Tuomas Holopainen; the unique talents and traits of guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, drummer Jukka Nevalainen, and bassist Marco Hietala; and the true reasons behind the 2005 departure of vocalist Tarja Turunen – in the band’s words and hers.

Along the way, the band struggles with religious protesters, fortune-tellers, naked crew members, health problems, shady promoters, out-of-control fans, and the growing pains of an ever-steeper rock star learning curve. Happily ever after or not, these unique Finnish personalities are brought to life in this detailed account of the early era of the Nightwish journey. For longtime fans and newcomers seeking the backstory of how Nightwish came to where they are today, this is rare public airing of the mysteries that exist…Once Upon a Nightwish.

“Essential for any diehard fan” –Revolver

“Ollila’s sense of band history and beyond-the-stage access elevate this book”-Library Journal

Once Upon a Nightwish is also available in high-quality physical edition at this location:




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