SuperCharger, Hardcore Superstar, Entombed at Malmoe Festivalen 2011, Malmoe Sweden



“Rise And Fall” announced that Supercharger was on stage and there tempo was full speed ahead right from the start. The band consist of:

Mikkel Neperus – lead vocals

Thomas Buchwald – guitar

Benjamin Funk – drums

Brian Jensen – bass

Thomas Pedersen – guitar

Lars Rygaard – keyboards, harmonica

Rygaard is the new member in the band and he had earlier only made a guest appearances with the band. The band had also brought in three girls that sang backup choir and vocals which is new. Neperus experienced some technical problems with his mic and the smoke machine pumped out so much smoke that it was partially hard to see the guys. The technical problems continued in “Heart On Overdrive” and it didn’t stop even though Neperus changed to another mic. The crowd seemed to enjoy the bands fast and furious music and kept on headbanging through out “You Disgust Me”. The lighting was really poor and Pedersen stood mostly in the dark. Neperus seemed to be overwhelmed by the adoring respond he got from the audience and jumped down in the photo pit in order to get closer to the fans. Neperus spoke on English, Danish and German and he asked if the crowd liked what they saw. The new tracks “Mrs. Ferguson” and “Rulers Of The Day” continued the show and I have to say that the newer songs sounded more dirty rock’n’roll compared to the earlier songs that had more metal influences in them.





Neperus said that they had met up with Entombed earlier during the night and that Pedersen had cried of happiness when he had met the Entombed singer LG Petrov. If that was true or not I don’t know. The excellent “Join In And Loose It” from the last album followed and the audience jumped around. Then followed the track “Redemption Song” from the new album where Mia Coldheart from Crucified Barbara makes a guest appearance on the song and Neperus said that they had asked if she could also join them tonight on stage but she couldn’t. And since Coldheart was unable to join them did one of the background singers sing her part. The energy was high during the entire gig but the same groove the band had before was missing in my opinion. “Roll The Dice” and “Aim High” followed and now started the band throwing out beers into the audience which is strictly prohibited in Sweden. “That’s How We Roll” was the last song for the show and the beer cans continued to be thrown out to the audience which made the police and the security look with really angry eyes on the band. The band returned shortly on stage again and fired off the encore “Hell Motel” and by now started the staff in the pit look at their watches because the show had to end pretty soon. But Supercharger wasn’t ready to say farewell to the fans yet and Neperus asked if we wanted to hear some disco music a la Supercharger. The old kiss song “I Was Made For Loving You” kicked off and that song in the Supercharger version ended the show.




Set list

Rise And Fall

Heart On Overdrive

You Disgust Me

Are You Satisfied

Mrs Ferguson

Rulers Of the Day

Join In And Loose It

Redemption Song

Roll the Dice

Aim High

That’s How We Roll


Hell Motel

I Was Made For Loving You

The show was dirty, heavy and edgy but I lacked the metal influences that the band had put into their earlier songs. Sure, the new songs felt OK but I had rather seen that they should have stayed with their old groove. The poor lighting and the bad sound wasn’t the bands fault but it dragged down the experience. I’ve seen Supercharger done much better shows than this one and it wasn’t the smartest move to throw beers into the audience or dis the curfew. Unfortunately I missed out on the last song because I was forced to head over to the larger stage to get ready for Hardcore Superstar. A lot more people had now arrived to the festival area and many was there only to see Hardcore Superstar.



Hardcore Superstar

The big crowd was very enthusiastic when the band showed up on stage and the fans screamed even louder when the guys put on their instruments and kicked off the song “Sadistic Girls”. The band are:

Jocke Berg – lead vocals

Adde – drums, b-vox

Martin Sandvik – bass, b-vox

Vic Zino – guitar, b-vox

Berg and Zino ran around like maniacs on stage and everyone who has seen the band perform live knows what a show with Hardcore Superstar is like. “Guestlist” taken from the bands new album SPLIT YOUR LIP followed and Berg had the crowd in the palm of his hand right from the start. He is a brilliant front man and he draws your attention like a magnet. Sandvik kept his cool laid back approach while the rest of the guys ran around. The classical tune “Liberation” came and the fans went even crazier. The band has never really cared for playing the older songs for some reason so when I heard the intro to “Liberation” I was really happy. Berg encouraged the fans to scream a little more for the band before he introduced “My Good Reputation”. The sounds on this stage was far better than on the other one and the lighting was also really great. In “Wild Boys” let Berg the audience sing the chorus and the fans sang like there was no tomorrow. The band have really become a tight and solid group of people and this night they once again showed why they are one of the worlds best sleaze metal acts of today.





Tunes that followed was “Dreaming In A Casket”, “Bully” and “Someone Special” that Berg dedicated to the crowd. Zino’s performance was excellent and there is no longer a longing for Silver that left the band a few years ago. At the end of the song sneaked Berg up behind Sandvik and played on his bass guitar. Sandvik played on the neck and Berg on the body and Berg thanked the audience once again for being there and giving the band so much support. Berg said that they usually doesn’t play the next song live but that they had made an exception for the Malmoe crowd this night and it was “Simple Man”. In the middle of “Last Call For Alcohol” Berg asked if there was anyone amongst the fans that wanted to come up and join the band on stage. A bunch of people raised their hands and Berg pointed out who the security was going to help and 6 fans soon joined their idols on stage shouting LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL. That song ended the original show but after short time came the band back again to give the ecstatic fanbase a few encores. “Moonshine” was the first song out and it was followed by the huge hit “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays” and after that was the show over and the band thanked the fans and went off stage.






Set list

Sadistic Girls



My Good Reputation

Wild Boys

Dreaming In A Casket


Someone Special

Simple Man

Last Call For Alcohol



We Don’t Celebrate Sundays

This show was just another great one in the row of excellent show the band have done through the years. The band is a mean force live and not many acts cans measure up with Hardcore Superstar when it comes to live performances. The only negative thing I can come up with was that the show was far too short for a headline act, me and the rest of the fans wanted to hear more and more. The set list was a bit different from the one they played at Getaway Rock Festival earlier this summer which was OK for me because I got to hear other songs this time. The last band for me this night was the Entombed show that took place on the smaller stage where Supercharger played one hour earlier. A small but brave fan base had gathered in front of the stage waiting for the favorite act to enter the stage.




Petrov looked really happy when he came out on stage and met the roar from the crowd when the band began the show. It was Petrov and bass player Brandt that kept the crowd going while Hellid and Elfgstrand was more laid back and stood solid on their spot during the show. The band members are:

LG Petrov – lead vocals

Nico Elgstrand – guitar

Victor Brandt – Bass

Alex Hellid – guitar

Olle Dahlstedt – drums

Petrov said hello to the fans and said that it was time to travel back in time and play the classical song “Revel In Flesh” which made the audience go crazy. The next song “To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth”. Petrov encouraged the audience to form a circle pit and the ecstatic crowd did exactly what Petrov told them to. “Serpent Speech” and “Damn Deal Done” followed before it was time for the band to play the slightly newer song “Serpent Saints”. Brandt looked a lot like the old Entombed bass player Lasse Rosenberg when stood on stage banging his long black hair looking out on the circle pit the crazy fans had formed. It was a smart move to take a second guitarist into the band. The sound feels a lot more solid and deep and the music of Entombed craves a second guitarist.






The problems that Supercharger had earlier with the sound was still there and made the music sound a bit "mooshy". The circle pit continued in a frenzy speed and the security and the police began to look a little worried. Petrov on the other hand looked really satisfied with seeing the crazy circle pit run around in “When In Sodom”. Everything exploded in “Out Of Hand” and Petrov managed only to sing the first verse before the police and the security marched into the crowd to stop the circle pit. When Petrov saw this he stopped the music and said to the police that this was an innocent circle pit and if they walked into the pit they ought to participate in it! Petrov said that this is a city festival where everyone should have a good time and that the band was going to stop it if there were tendencies of getting ugly. The police walked out from the crowd and the band continued to play “Out Of Hand”. “Chief Rebel Angel”, “Night Of The Vampire” (fun to hear that song again, it was a while since I last heard it) and “Wolverine Blues” closed the show and I especially enjoyed listening to the cover of “Night Of The Vampire”.





Set list (not in order)


Like This With The Devil

Revel In Flesh

To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak The Truth

Serpent Speech

Damn Deal Done

Serpent Saints

Eye For An Eye

When In Sodom

Out Of Hand

Chief Rebel Angel

Night Of The Vampire

Wolverine Blues

Entombed did a strong and solid show (like they usually do) and once again show why they are one of the inventors of this particular genre. Despite bad sound and poor lighting as well as a crazy ass smoke machine was the show great and it’s great that there are two guitarists in the band again. The set list was much more varied than the one at Getaway Rock Festival. The main problem for this band is that they have to decide what kind of music they want to play, either old school death metal or death’n’roll. As soon as the band went off stage the crowd also went home or to other places.

It’s fun that the organizers have brought back the hard rock/heavy metal day at the festival and the large amount of people that attended the shows ought to provide excellent proof that this day is needed. If this day are going to return next year please make sure that there a more than 5 minutes pause in between the bands. Also make sure to get proper lighting equipment to the small stage.



Thanks to Anna Karlsson at Malmoe Festival for help with photo pass.

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