STYGIAN CRYPT PRODUCTIONS to release LAST WAIL “The Tale Of Endless Night”

STYGIAN CRYPT PRODUCTIONS  proudly presents: Debut album of russian folk metal band LAST WAIL “The Tale Of Endless Night”.


Track list:

1. Inrto

2. Warrior of Justice

3. Revenge

4. Fighting the Dark

5. Mystery

6. Merciless

7. The Tale of Endless Nigth

8. The Doomed in Despair

9. Outro

10. Windrider (Ensiferum cover)


Line up:

Alien – vocal

Freyr – guitars

Krumr – guitars

Khepry – bass

Modi – drums

Solveig – keyboards



«The Tale of Endless Nigth» – CD Stygian Crypt Prod (2011)



Last Wail was found in Omsk city in 2008 and it’s members know from the very beginning about the ideas to care its audience. The band draws its inspiration from epos of gods and warriors of ancient Scandinavia as well as from modern reality that surrounds it. The main theme of the band’s art is glorifying such ideals as bravery, honour and generosity. The images of ancient battles and heroes are used like metaphors for along the whole times things like friendship, fairness, bravery, vengeance , treason …

Last Wail is not a prayer for mercy, it is a blood-freezing cry, it is call to fight up to the end and to win in spite of all.

Last Wail is wrathful female vocal, heavy riffs, aggressive drums, atmospheric melodies and pure raw energy of six young peoples which make the audience to forget about the daily routine and dive into another world.

The first chapter of band’s art was release of the demo-album “The Tale of Endless Night” in 2010 which has given rise the agiotage between the fans of folk and pagan metal and has attracted attention of different musical media. The bands signed a deal of releasing the first album and working on new material.


The glorious history is just begins…




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