BENT SEA, the grindcore ensemble led by drummer/guitarist DIRK VERBEUREN, already released the title track of their debut EP NOISTALGIA for free download at this address: but now the time has come for the whole deal!

“BENT SEA’s “Noistalgia” is a furious grindcore/death metal EP I never saw coming from Dirk, simply becoz I didn’t know he was such a huge fan of this kind of metal. But I am happy he is, becoz BENT SEA is just as competent as you’d expect from Dirk.” –

“Paying homage to the likes of old-school grind bands such as Napalm Death, Repulsion, and Nasum, not only does the new album match the intensity of those great bands step for step, but it’s also smart enough to remember that the greatest early grindcore records knew how to be as catchy as they are throttling. It’s a mighty fine 12 track, 20-plus minute little record, one that’s so good that we can only hope it won’t be a one-time thing.” – Adrien Begrand,

The tracklisting for NOISTALGIA, which was released digitally on November 11th, is as follows:

01. Noistalgia
02. Digital Disaster
03. Blast Beat Barrage
04. A Common Affliction
05. In One Word
06. Grind Control
07. Tripwire Target
08. Sustained Idiocy
09. Dead Meat
10. Truth Will Out
11. Fool For Life

First-week buyers will receive the free bonus track Bullshit Propaganda, an Extreme Noise Terror cover in homage of the late Phil Vane. A limited vinyl edition, featuring additional art by Hannah Verbeuren and other extras, is scheduled for release in the coming months.

For more on BENT SEA go to:
For more on DIRK VERBEUREN go to:



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