Metalheim Festival – Helsinki Finland

The Metalheim festival being one of several indoor metal festivals arranged in Helsinki during the autum time. The line-up consisted of the strong domestic bands offering and Primordial hailing from Ireland. Primordial is absolutely the most visited bands for sure and TYR has gained the following. Above all the new TYR album is nothing but tremendous great. Unfortunately approximately  300-400 people mostly arrived extreme late, missing other interesting bands on the bill. Both Primordial and Moonsorrow pulled the audience on both the night. However here is the brief article on the Metalheim event.   



MyGrain had started playing, but unfortunately the club was half empty. The people was outside or still coming to the club. The combo presents the more modern metal approach added by the keyboard. Even though the band sounds and plays extremely well and is highly skilled with their instruments, but the songs lack the catchy riffs. In general the band sounds quite well sharped and to be honest boring on the stage.


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Audrey Horne offered an unexpected surprise by doing a straight forward played rockfish stuff. Someone will disagree with the view, but Audrey Horne rises from the ashes of the Norwegian rock ala Turbonegro, Glucifier etc. The frontman acted as wil as the music deserved. He jumped into the audience to sing together with them. By the way To all metal puritanists the band consists of members of Enslanved, Gorgoroth by the way, which may surprise some of those black metal maniacs. All in all Audrey Horne was a trememedous rocking outfit on the stage, delivering straight forward rock with hard as a rock attitude and grip.



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Tyr’s latest album is nothing, but a tremendous masterpiece offering for sure. The band would deserve more success, cos their way to bring the vibes of the culture and above all the  influences from Faroe Islands. The pagan metal by Tyr is definitely amazing sounding and presenting the real heathenism. The set equally consisted of the material from the latest album THE LAY OF THRYM and of course other killer tunes picked up from the previous releases. Tyr was one of these band attracting people to enter on time.  


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Moonsorrow concluded the Metalheim festival by taking the audience to the epic long journey with catchy spellbounded riffs and songs creating the certain atmosphere.  The audience literally stepped to another world of heathenism and where the ancient Finnish people used to dwell and hunt for the game. The rugged songs sounded pomputous and massive hymnal beautiful. Even though the band’s look doesn’t look that primitive matching to the ancient Finnish wood culture, but however the band’s dedication to the intensive performance  was epic for sure.  

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Black Crucifixion’s first crusade was carried out app. 20 years ago when the band went on the long term hiatus until now. Unfortunately there were only few people watching Black Crucifixion. The band’s raw and uncompromising darkish black metal with the primitive approach sounded twisted and morbid. The frontman’s grotesque vocals were truly brutal and cold nihilistic.


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Profane Omen was terrorizing the stage when entering the venue when people was arriving. The  band’s melodic metal with the groove grip was technical and wellplayed. Somehow Profane Omen lacks of songs with the catchy riffs as most of songs sounded sterile and hollow. Even though the band has been around for about 13 years by now and got three albums out, but the bigger success has avoided them. On the stage the fury and intensive performance are the obvious keys to what the band is known for in live situation.


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The reunited deathrashers A.R.G returned to the limelight in the beginning of this year. The second appearance happened at the Jalometalli outdoor metal festival in Oulu in the following summer. Therefore the return of the angry reindeer metallers to the south was just a matter of time. Sad but true only a handful of people had gathered in front of the stage when the four piece unleashed the utter thrashing lesson. Several known thrash hymns of A.R.G echoed in the hall of the half empty of the Nosturi Club.  


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The Irish folkblackish combo Primordial has effectively visited Finland. Only 4 months had passed by since their earlier appearance at the Hammer Open Air festival headlined by Absu and Autopsy. Primordial was the headliner of Metalheim by pulling the most of the people to the fest. The front floor was totally packed when melancholic hymns roared out of the monitor. The charismatic frontman A.A. Nemtheanga literally spellbounded the audience by his capturing performance. The man kept drinking obviously the wine during the whole gig. To conclude the set, he let the audience hold me in the air. Primordial is known for giving 100 % show by offering a great deal of songs from their outputs. The magic of the folkish black metal definitely sounded heavy and spellbounding.



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All in all the Metalheim festival is definitely a suitable add to the gig roster in Helsinki. Due to the massive supplies of concerts and gigs, the festival suffered from the lack of people for sure. However the promoter was pleased with the turnout of the festival. But seriously cmon now people there were a handful of people watching A.R.G and Black Crucifixion. Hopefully there will be the next Metalheim in 2012.