Black Flames Of Blasphemy II – 7 – 8.10.2011 Helsinki



The 7th and 8th of October 2011

DOM Helsinki Finland

KRK was once again responsible for arranging a true Black Metal event in Helsinki. These events arranged by KRK have always been a success. Black Flames Of Blasphemy – The Black Mass II was another success for the small intensive blackish festival. The debut was arranged a couple of years ago, headlined by the Canadian black metal legends Blasphemy. The second event was filled with pure evil with a number of evil, grim, and brutal black metal combos unleashing their blasphemic hymns during two days. Here is the brief article on two day black metal fest. The place was totally packed when maniacs from Finland and other countries conquered the DOM club in the heart of Helsinki.


When arriving at the venue the domestic black metal combo Phlegein were at the stage. The four bald heads were spreading the blasphemic hymns around the venue. The grim sounding black metal nailed the audience.

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Satanic Warmaster have found themselves in problems due to their reputation several times. Performing at the black metal festival didn’t go as planned. The band suffered, or as a matter of fact the guitarist struggled, with technical problems ruining half of the set. Obviously the band tried to get rid of the controversial reputation when some attendances saluted the band, to which the frontman expressed an opinion of his own in a straight way. 



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Hailing from Brazil the Sodomizer three piece was more like a thrash oriented outfit. Amongst all the cult grim black metal combos Sodomizer was quite an eccentric and exceptional choice. The c-class boring thrash didn’t convince the crowd with the critical taste. The Brazilians didn’t pull that many interesting heads banging there. The playing style of the Sodomizer guys definitely needs some improvements for sure.     

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The Italian occult metallers visited a few years ago along with Secrets Of The Moon. Obviously the surrounding atmosphere and arrangements were a little bit chaotic a few years ago cos the true enjoyable show suffered a bit. Instead at the black metal festival Mortuary Drape’s gloomy and occult black metal succeeded in creating an eerie horror feeling by offering the true old school black metal in the Italian way. Mortuary Drape’ s set was pure magic in the ancient way.    


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After the horror eerie black metal hymns the Norwegian One Tail One Head went to the entire opposite direction of the blackish approach. The four piece having released a demo and an ep offered by now was into the uncontrolled bestial and chaotic maelstrom of black metal. There was on single harmony break or peace of any kind, just straightforward black metallic onslaught forward.  

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The previously completely unknown band from Russia literally blew the audience away by offering a real nihilistic set of the raw death/black metal. The frontman’s look was reminiscent of Watain’s frontman because of the sadistical messy look. The sounds were tremendous murderous and above all the frontman tortured his throat brutality as his voice was inhuman cruelty and brutal. As for Pseudogod’s music, it was closer to the raw death metal than black metal. The night was concluded by Revenge feat. Pete Helmkamp. There was no melody, just total merciless punishing brutality, nothing less nothing more.






More Norwegian black metal  was available when a  four piece combo named  Mare got on the stage. Mare offered a real depressive suicidal black metal approach reminding of the early Burzum stuff for sure. The dark atmosphere with the candle light and a bit normal blue light illuminating the stage created the eerie feeling. With the corpsepaints and long black copes proved the band’s devotion to the obscure way of expressing themselves in the authentic way. 

Judging by the name of the band it could be expected a real hillbilly show by this more or less blasphemous named group. The opening intro already created an impression of the c-class black metal stuff. It truly was more than amusing and of course incredible embarrassing to follow the whole gig by these Anal blasphemers. The show featured a pin-up chick’s posering at the stage. It could have been expected something the intimate thing would have been carried out at the stage, instead the chick with the skull of the goat rather showed her chest. Well boring and ridiculous, but was it evil black metal gig ? No just embarrassing.  

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The barbaric warmetal from Czechia by the warmetal mongers Maniac Butcher unleashed the pure uncompromising barbarian black metal. The furious and tormenting riffs sounded extremely primitive and showed no mercy.  This was exactly what the barbaric warmetal is supposed to sound, no keyboard no melodies.  



The Greek dark cult black metal legends were basically the headliners of the second day. Frankly Rotting Christ doesn’t present the most brutal sounding outfit compared to other ones. However the set had been advertised as an old school set in advance. The Greek dark metallers have effectively toured around the world and gained more experience on the stage than other bands. The sounds sounded quite to the upstairs, apparently were kind of distorted in the downstairs. The set did feature the older material from the past and of course the newer stuff from the latest opus. As for the older material the set included songs from the first six song ep such Old Coffin Spirit and almost the whole debut album THY MIGHTY CONTRACT and songs picked from other albums. The frontman of Impaled Nazarene Mika Luttinen visited doing “The Sign of Evil Existence”.






The domestic black metal combo Behexen offered the domestic black metal once again. Several candles and the skull altar were decorating the stage by creating the certain mood and atmosphere for the black mass of Behexen. The frontman’s Torog looked extreme dominating and possessed in the ritualistic surrounding. Behexen’s black mass and praising of the beelzebud was stunning.



Finally the whole black metal fest was nothing, but a tremendous great experience from the beginning to the end. The crowd was totally into the stuff, supporting the previously unknown bands with the interest and passion such as Psoudogod from Russia. The club and its environment  is perfect to carry out such an intensive underground event. It is truly obvious the KRK organization will go further with upcoming events for sure. Keep your eyes on KRK as they will surprise by offering real cult gigs and festivals.