Supreme Pain – Divine Incarnation

Reviewed: November 2011
Released: 2011, Massacre Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

The Netherlands’ Supreme Pain has been around for a while now, getting their start back in 2006 when Sinister mastermind Aad Kloosterwaard decided, I would guess, that he just wasn’t playing enough death metal in his signature outfit and needed to do some more; joining forces with likeminded individuals to give birth to Supreme Pain. Even with his activities in Sinister (and others!), the man has managed to keep this band busy, as DIVINE INCARNATION is their third full-length release since 2008.

As you would expect, Supreme Pain’s music is crammed full of aggressive riffing and blast beats, basically foregoing all else in the quest for brutality. The band occasionally find time forever so slight melodic pursuits (see the sickened soloing in the atmospheric opener “Dawn of a New Era”) that break up the monotony, but this album is a full-on death assault pretty much from minute one. To be sure, these guys know what they’re doing and they do it damn well, so even lengthier assaults like the thrashy “Trapped in Heresy” are not as dull as they could be in the hands of amateurs.

That said, DIVINE INCARNATION doesn’t really bring much to the table that hasn’t been done time and again throughout death metal history. The hardcore fans will certainly enjoy this offering, but there is nothing on this album that will convince the non-believers; although I highly doubt the band is concerned with that. After all, the band’s goal is obviously to create pure, pummelling, brutal death metal and in that, they have succeeded.


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Track Listing:
1) Dawn of a New Era
2) The Dark Army
3) Damned Creation
4) Treasonous Disease
5) Trapped in Heresy
6) Spiritual Sickness
7) Divine Incarnation
8) Putrefied Beauty
9) The Fallen Kingdom
10) Towards Hell

Aad Kloosterwaard: Vocals
Erwin Harrenman: Guitar
Bas Brussaard: Guitar
Alesa Sare: Bass
Paul Beltman: Drums