U.D.O., SISTER SIN, SEVENFIELD – Klubi, Tampere Finland, 1st October 2011


October 2, 2011
Klubi Tampere, Finland

Review and article by Petri Seppänen Da Costa 

The combo of U.D.O., Sister Sin and Sevenfield started their tour late September and after 2 highly successful gigs in Finland (Helsinki and Vaasa), they stopped in Tampere for another triumphant gig. Even though it was a Sunday, the doors opened at 20:00, with the first band starting at 20:30, so it seemed that it was going to be a long night with a lot of heavy metal.


The young Swedish band Sevenfield started their gig right on time, and did their best to get the small crowd to enjoy their 25min set. However, it seemed that people weren’t much interested, mainly sitting and saving their energy for Sister Sin and U.D.O.. The crowd’s reaction (and also the number of the crowd) was a lot different when Sister Sin got on stage at 21.30. From beginning until the end, the band got most people headbanging to their metal/hard rock songs, and it looked like that the band had a good number of fans that night. In their set the band included a cover of U.D.O.’s ”24/7”, which was a bit odd to hear the openning band playing a song from the main band, and Motörhead’s ”Rock ‘n’ Roll”, which closed their 50min set. Sister Sin definitely got the crowd up and wanting for more.


Although U.D.O. has been constantly touring here in Finland, the band hadn’t been in Tampere in a long time, so the fans were anxious to see them live once again. It was also expected, especially from the older fans, that the band would play some classic Accept songs, since it’s impossible for U.D.O. not to play some of their iconic songs. Staring their set with some of their own and more recent material, the whole band seemed to be having a great time on stage and seeing the satisfaction on their fans’ faces. The band kept playing and playing, perhaps not to finish their gig so late, and the old school fans were overjoyed when ”Screaming for a Love Bite” and ”Princess of the Dawn” were played.


While most of the band took a break, guitarist Igor Giannola did a 10min guitar solo in which he went walking though the crowd and playing, and once he got back on stage his bandmates came back and played another Accept classic: ”Neon Nights”. After ”Man and Machine”, with its tribal druming, Francesco Jovino did  a nice drum solo, not long but full of skills and heaviness. Then the band closed their first part of the gig with another song from the ”Solid” album, ”Two Faced Woman”. As expected, after a little break the band came back playing ”The Bogeyman” and then guitarist Stefan Kaufmann started to play the guitar intro to ”Metal Heart”, adding more exciment to the old school fans. Once more the band left the stage and after a few minutes came back, Udo thanked everybody for their support and played the all time classic ”Balls to the Wall” with everybody singing a long.


It was surprising to notice that U.D.O.’s gig lasted for 2 hours, which maybe was a bit much for a Sunday night, but in the end was really worth, especially for the diverse set list. However it was a shame that the band didn’t include anything from the albuns ”Animal House” or ”Holy”, which are among the fan favorites. Hopefully it won’t take so long for them to come back to Tampere again! 






Independence Day

Screaming for a Love Bite (Accept)

Heart of Gold


Princess of the Dawn (Accept)

I Give As Good As I Get

Guitar Solo

Neon Nights (Accept)

Break The Rules

Man and Machine

Drum Solo

Living on a Frontline

Up to the Limit (Accept)

Two Faced Woman

Encore 1:

The Bogeyman

Metal Heart (Accept)

Encore 2:

Balls to the Wall (Accept)


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