Headbanger’s Kitchen Launches Episode 6 featuring Undying Inc and cooking up an Undying Meat Pizza

Headbanger's Kitchen
Headbanger's Kitchen

Heavy Metal cooking show Headbanger’s Kitchen hosted by Demonic Resurrection frontman Demonstealer have released their 6th Episode featuring metal band Undying Inc from Delhi. The recipe section of the show features an Undying Meatzza with Garlic Bread, while during the interview the band speaks about their musical journey, opening for idols like Meshuggah and Textures and their future plans.


“It’s rare to find people in this world who know their work & passion inside out and Sahil Makhija is undoubtedly the most brilliant cooks of all times. I’ve never tasted better food better in my life.And I’m not exaggerating.” said Shashank Bhatnagar vocalist of Undying Inc when asked about his experience on the show.


Undying Inc is also just leaving the country for their first international appearance in Norway touring with the band Torch.



The episode can be viewed at:


Watch the Promo video:



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