BRUTE FORCZ – Jammer (bassist and vocalist)

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Interview with Brute Forcz bassist and vocalist Jammer

Conducted by Robert Williams

Brute Forcz are a three-piece heavy metal band hailing from Los Angeles with a raw and gritty eighties inspired sound. The band is comprised of twin brothers Slammer and Jammer, both former professional wrestling tag team champions and British guitarist Will Wallner. Brute Forcz recently issued their debut four song EP "Kick Ass Heavy Metal" and we caught up with bassist and vocalist Jammer to get the scoop on the new EP, som back history on the band and future plans for the bodyslammin’ headbangers… 

How are you doing today Jammer?

Great, thanks for asking, how are you?

Great, thanks! So Brute Forcz has just released you debut four song EP "Kick Ass Heavy Metal" and the disc certainly lives up to it’s name, great job! Let’s start at the beginning, how did the three of you originally meet and decide to form a band?

First of all , thanks for the compliment on our music. My brother and I met in the womb, we are fraternal twins. We have always wanted to play music, just like most kids out there today, but never had the opportunity do to so being involved in sports most of our lives. Shortly out of high school we decided we wanted to start a band and see what could happen. Orginally we started out as a cover band, but we had trouble finding a singer that could cover all the tunes. So we decided to be an original band and take it from there. Soon there after we got a great offer to wrestle and we could not turn it down. Once we finished wrestling, we moved to LA to pursue acting and  we have had some small success’s. The last few years for the acting business have been slow for a lot of actors for different reasons, so we decided to pick up the band again and see how far we can go. We have never lost our drive for the love of heavy metal music. That is where we are now.

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I know that you and Jammer had wrestled as a professional wrestling tag team prior to forming the band, how did you guys come across your British guitarist Will Wallner?

I wanted to learn and understand the guitar better so that it would help me when I wanted to create new music and songs. I went on craigslist to find guitar lessons and Will was the first person i came across. I took a few lessons from him and found out that he had just left his band. So I asked him if he would like to play with us until he found something else. We needed a guitar player at the time so everything worked out for the best. We have been fortunate to have him with us since.

Let’s talk about working with famed guitarist and Grammy Winning producer Bob Kulick on the new EP. Do you feel like you guys really learned a lot as a band working with Bob in the studio? What was that like?

Working with Bob has been the most significant thing in our music career to this point. We learned a tremendous amount from him, and he helped mold and guide our music and direction. He is a true professional and demands the best effort from you as a musician and he pushed all of us to that point. We are very thankful that we met Bob and very thankful that we were able to work with him and we hope that we are able to continue to work with such a great musician and person. We like him so much that we gave him the wrestlling name of  "Bonecrusher".

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Your love of old school metal really shines through on the finished product. How receptive have audiences been in your hometown of Los Angeles, California? Do you feel like you’ve already established yourselves in the LA metal scene?

The fans have loved our music when we play. The answer to your second question "What Scene"?

You guys have got this kick ass EP and you must be gaining momentum doing press and performing live, are there plans to shop this EP around to some of the bigger record labels and maybe re-release the EP as a full length with some new material?

That is the goal, to shop to record labels, anything that can help push and promote us. We will be releasing a full length album soon, when the time is right and the songs on the EP will be on that disc. Great question, you must have done this before. If you know someone, let us know, thanks…

How many unrecorded songs do you guys currently have? Are you guys busy writing music for a follow up to "Kick Ass Heavy Metal"? How far out would you anticipate your next release to be and how would you describe your new material?

We have 10-14 other songs just waiting and we are always writing new music. We learned that lesson from Bob Kulick. We are not sure when we will have our next release, everything is timing. But we wanted to put out the EP to let people know who we are and here is our music, and to introduce ourselves. Everyone has been really receptive towards our EP so we know we will be pushing on with more music soon.

Take me back to the days when you and Slammer wrestled alongside such legends of the ring as Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Abdullah "The Butcher" in addition to winning the Georgia All Star Wrestling tag team belts. Was the transition from kicking ass in the ring to kicking ass on a concert stage that big of a jump or did it come natural for you guys?

Winning the Georgia All Star belts was a huge event for us. We were the new guys on the block and we took the wrestling world by storm. We wrestled as a heavy metal music tag team, and we were hated, which was great for us. In that league, we held the belts for over a year, which was the longest period in the league’s history. We worked with many professionals including Jake and Abdullah. they were both very professional and helpful to us and took us under their wings to help us. They both gave us important advice and helped us went we needed it. It isn’t till many years down the road, when you look back, and realize how fortunate we were to work with such true professionals and nice guys. The bad thing was that we were so caught up in everything , that we never got a picture with either of them (pretty smart huh)?

Kicking ass onstage is a lot safer than in the ring, there are no missed elbows (which are real), no messed up bodyslams, no one pulling your hair. But the experience we got in wresting does move over to the music stage because you have to learn how to entertain people. Thankfully for us that has come natural. But we are waiting for the day when we are onstage playing and someone runs up after us, so that we can FLATTEN him with a clothesline !!!!

Who would you consider to be some of the most "metal" pro wrestlers of all time? Are there any metal bands out there right now that you’d like to clobber with a steel chair or piledrive through a Spanish announce table?

Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind and The Undertaker are all metal pro wrestlers, and of course us. As far as bands now we would like to clobber, since we are new, we could get in trouble if we did name who we would like to put through a table, and there are some, believe me. Lets just say that we don’t think you are metal if you are using trash can lids onstage in your show… You need to be slammed!

What would a backstage rider for two former professional wrestlers look like? How many cases of beer can the two of you consume on any given night? How many pepperoni pizzas can you guys tear through?

Jack Daniels, condoms and breath mints. We actually don’t drink a lot of beer, but Jack and Coke or Jim Beam and Seven Up, then we’re talking. On the pizzas, depends how long it has been since we last ate. But if we are in the groove, then we can eat a lot of pizzas, that is what the breath mints are for…

In a rare rock and wrestling connection, Hulk Hogan stated a few years back that he wished he could have auditioned on bass for Metallica. How do you, as a former pro wrestler and current bass player, feel about that statement? Would that have been the raddest thing ever or a devastating atomic leg-drop dealt to the collective jugulars of metal fans everywhere?

To me that would be a devastating atomic leg-drop to metal fans. Never met the man, but metal music has to be in your blood and I don’t believe it is in his. there is no way to fake it and that would show through. Would probably be cool for him, but I just don’t see it … BROTHER!

Both yourself and drummer Slammer are featured in the upcoming Adam Sandler film "Jack and Jill". How did the two of you wind up in the film? When can we expect to see it in theaters?

The movie comes out on 11/11/11. We auditioned for the part, along with other sets of twins. When we went to the audition, Adam was there, so we were really stoked. Guess we did a good job because we got in the movie…good thing it was about twins. Adam Sandler was also a super nice person and very easy to work with, a true professional, which is not always common in Hollywood.

Are there any plans right now to tour in support of "Kick Ass Heavy Metal"? If so, any idea which markets you’ll be hitting?

We are working on getting out to tour, we are in the process of that right now. We would also like to go to Europe and Canada. We are also working on doing a few of the Monster Jam truck shows coming up early next year. Our plan is to get out there and let the fans hear our music, everywhere.

Brute Forcz has already shared the stage with such notable heavyweight hard rock and metal acts like The Michael Shenker Group, L.A. Guns, Y&T and W.A.S.P. What was it like to perform on the same bill as these bands? Were you heavily influenced as a musician by any of these bands?

It was pretty cool for us because we were able to play in front of larger crowds because of opening for bigger bands. Everyone was cool, we are big W.A.S.P. fans, big fans of Blackie and Chris Holmes-even though he is no longer with the band. WASP has been a big influence to us. Also cool to be a part of the Michael Schenker 30 year anniversary show.

Who would be your dream lineup of bands to share the stage with or tour with?

Motorhead, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Kiss, and Metallica.

At what age did you begin playing bass guitar? Why did you pick bass as your instrument, were there any specific players that inspired you to do so?

I picked up my first bass in high school. I like the bass because it is an instrument of power and domination and that is how I feel about metal music. Nikki Sixx and Lemmy have influenced me the most. To me at the time, nothing beat "Shout at the Devil" and Nikki’s look. I bought a BC Rich Warlock bass because of him. Hopefully i can meet him sometime to talk about the good ol’ days. We became a three piece band with me singing because of Lemmy. His voice fit his style, and i followed that. Plus, Motorhead just comes out and kicks ass, and that is what we do also. Lemmy is an icon, and he has influenced a ton of musicians over the years, me being one of those musicians.

How did you originally get into metal music? Who were the bands that paved your destiny and in turn, branded you a metalhead for life?

Motorhead, Judas Priest, AC/DC, Motley Crue, Kiss, WASP, Iron Maiden have all had a tremendous influence on us. Thankfully they are all still kicking ass.

What’s next for the immediate future of Brute Forcz? How do you guys plan to close out the last half of 2011?

We plan to promote the band as much as we can, hopefully pick up on a tour also. If not, we will make a tremendous push this last half of the year so that when the new year rolls around, we are ready to get out there in full force. We will also record some new songs and go from there.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to talk metal with me today Jammer! Before we wrap this up do you have any last words for your fans reading at home?

Yes, I would like to thank all of our fans and friends who have hung in there with us.