Truth Corroded – Upon The Warlords Crawl

Reviewed: October 2011
Released: 2008, Truth Inc. Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having wanted to visit Down Under ever since I was little, you can slap the Australian label on almost anything and you’re part way to winning me over. Cork hats and all. But biases aside, there’s more to Truth Corroded than their global positioning.

And from the sounds of it I doubt they spend little time reading from the Rolf Harris book of music. Falling into the thrash-you-till-you’re-dead genre, Truth Corroded are more akin to some of the more unsettling aspects of their native land – such as strike-you-down spiders and murderous crocodile smiles. Upon The Warlords Crawl is the band’s third full length release, and if I mention names such as Slayer, Morbid Angel, Chimaira and DevilDriver you can probably get a handle on what type of beast this is. Plus it was mixed and mastered by Scar Symmetry guitarist Jonas Kjellegren.

Rather than starting at the beginning like all good stories do, let’s drop straight into stand-out track ‘Buried Alive By Demons’. That’s not to the detriment of the rest of the album, but more because ‘Buried Alive..’ draws Truth Corroded a little further away from their more standard extreme thrash efforts. The track opens at a slower pace before soon stepping things up a notch into its darker defining tone. ‘Buried Alive..’ really is a case of slow and steady wins the race.

This is also true of later on in the album. Whilst ‘The Disfiguring’ ends with the kind of booming final drumbeat that would serve as a natural close to the album, it is only the penultimate strike before ‘Despair Your Black Earth’. At over eight minutes long this is the longest track on the album, and perhaps the most eclectic. Ominous almost spoken word verses set against a backdrop of phased guitar and rolling drums, give way to the full-on, but brief, assault of the chorus. The equivalent of a cat toying with a mouse, ‘Despair Your..’ plays with the listener building up and winding down with almost maddening regularity. And this makes it only sweeter when the aggressive elements do drop in.

Whilst it’s fair to say Upon The Warlords Crawl is a good example of modern extreme metal, and that’s not to be knocked, interestingly it’s the tracks that stray a little off that path which are most memorable. One thing’s for sure, when listening to Truth Corroded I’d scatter a trail of breadcrumbs behind you because you just might want to find your way back to them.

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs


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Track Listing:
1.Crown The Apocalypse
2.The Immolation Seen
3.Salute The Horrors
5.Buried Alive By Demons
6.We Are Failed
7.When God Is Murder
9.The Waste That Is Their Word
10.The Disfiguring
11.Despair Your Black Earth

Mark Lennard – Guitars
Greg Shaw – Bass
Jason North – Vocals
Liam Okninski – Drums
Darren Mclennan – Guitars




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