Summer Rock Festival 2011 in Svedala, Sweden with Electric Boys, Mustasch and The Poodles

Summer Rock Festival 2011

Day 3



The last and final day of the festival included The Poodles so I went to the festival in pretty good time to enjoy the last hours of the festival. It could be read on the festivals website that The Poodles had a special treat for the fans so I was curious to see what the surprise was going to be. The Poodles has got a very young fan base in Sweden and that might depend on their participation in the Swedish version of the Eurovision Song Contest that takes places every year. The band has participated two years and that is not considered as a smart move amongst true hard-rockers that’s for sure. However I wouldn’t call the bands music for hard rock I’d say it’s rather melodic rock that the band plays.


The band was going to perform at the XL stage and the guys are currently out supporting their brand new album PERFORMOCRACY that was released just before summer. On stage hung a huge backdrop portraying the band name and on the drummers four bass drums was a picture of every band member placed. On each side of the drums stood two smaller versions of the backdrop placed.



The Poodles

The show began with the song “I Want It All” taken from the new album and the band was given a warm welcome from the audience. Singer Samuel comes from a small town a few miles outside Svedala so I guess that he had his family and friends along with him on the festival. The line-up of today is:

Jacob Samuel – lead vocals
Pontus Egberg – bass, b-vox
Kicken Lundqvist – drums, b-vox
Henrik Bergqvist – guitar, b-vox

Samuel all dressed in white with huge sun glasses on ran around on stage like a maniac and he had the audience in the palm of his hand right from the very start. “Seven Seas” followed and the crowd sang a long with Samuel during the song. Flames came out from each side of the drums and it looked really cool. Samuel asked how we were doing and then fired off “I Rule The Night” taken from the previous album CLASH OF THE ELEMENTS. Samuel said the the band thought it was nice to be back in Svedala and said it was time for a new song and kicked off “I Believe In You”.  Then followed “Like No Tomorrow” and “Cuts Like A Knife”. Samuel saw that there was a lot of pushing, jumping and shoving going on in the front of the stage and said that we have to remember to be careful and take care of each other. It felt like the new songs didn’t work as well as the older ones which was strange because the new album had been out in stores for quite a while when this show took place.




The band felt solid as a rock and there was no doubt that the band consisted of some very skilled and experienced musicians. Samuel dedicated the song “As Time Passing By” to his family and this song was the first slow song for the night. Even though the song is OK it felt like a show stopper. After Samuel had done his part he walked off stage and the rest of the band finished the song. Now it was time for the usual solo parts, first out was Egberg and his bassolo. Then it was Bergqvists turn to show off and he was followed by Lundqvist on drums. Lundqvist said, during his solo, that he had a certain problem with doing shows and that’s because it’s so hard to update facebook status when he’s performing. He asked if it was OK to take a picture of the beautiful audience and post it on Facebook and everyone in the crowd wanted to be a part of the picture. Said and done. Besides the talking, Lundqvists solo wasn’t much to cheer for and he launched a pretty standard solo.

The backdrop fell when it was time for the next song and the same went for the smaller ones on the side. The new backdrop portrayed the band named along with flames and the small ones had dogs on them. During the solos changed Samuel outfit and he came out with black clothes on him this time. “Line Of Fire” was launched with Egberg featured on shared lead vocals. That song really kicked off the show again and it felt like both the band as well as the crowd had an energy boost. “Flesh and Blood” and “Metal Will Stand Tall” then followed and in the middle of the last song invited Samuel everyone on the ground to sing a long with him.





While Samuel thanked the fans for the sing a long entered a bunch of people the stage and it turned out to be the choir that Samuel contested with in a Swedish entertainment program called the Battle Of The Choirs. The idea of the program is that a bunch of artists picks out people in their home towns to form a choir and they battle with the rest of the contestants in the program. Well, Samuels choir came out and together they sang “Sweet Child O’Mine” by Guns N Roses. Two girls from the choir sang lead vocals while the choir backed them up and to be honest it wasn’t a good version of the song. Different but not good. After the song was over said Samuel that the band was going to be in the merchandise stand to meet with the fans and sign autographs. The last song for the night was their mega hit “Night Of Passion” and the choir stayed on the stage to help out in the choruses. One hour went by fast and Samuel thanked the people for being there supporting the band. The band delivered a solid show pretty similar to the show I saw with them in Gavle at the Getaway Rock Festival earlier this summer. Even though I didn’t see the Battle of the Choirs show it was fun to see and hear Samuels choir. And I bet it was fun for the choir to be on stage performing for friends and family. The bands music sounded heavier compared to what it do on album and that only benefits the band. It was a solid show and fun way to waste one hour of your life. I saw that the lines to the merchandise stand where the band sat was really long and that was just another token of how loved the band is.







Set list
I Want It All
Seven Seas
I Rule The Night
I Believe In You
Like No Tomorrow
Cuts Like A Knife
As Time Is Passing By
Line Of Fire
Flesh And Blood
Metal Will Stand Tall
Sweet Child O Mine (cover)
Night Of Passion



That ended also my days on the festival and I have to say that I had a terrific time at the festival as usual. The organizers had done a great job and I didn’t lack the stage that was taken away. The new festival area worked perfect and the intimate atmosphere was also there. Even though the sun didn’t pay much visit to the festival 12,200 brave souls visited the festival and that is a great example of how loyal the natives are to the festival. It was great that there was as much as three heavier acts booked this year and I hope that is something that is going to continue to happen also next year. 2012 celebrate the festival 25 years and that is something to really look forward to. All the volunteers, the staff, the sponsors and the security should have credit for making this possible every year.



Thanks to the festival general Markus Lindberg for help with press/photo-pass to the festival.
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