Summer Rock Festival 2011 in Svedala, Sweden with Electric Boys, Mustasch and The Poodles

Summer Rock Festival 2011

Day 2



Friday began with pouring rain and the bad weather was a fact. This summer has been raining away at least in the southern parts of Sweden but the rain didn’t stop me, or other metal maniacs, to head to the festival to see the undisputed kings of stoner rock/metal in Mustasch. In await of Mustasch I saw the 60’s rocker band The Boppers do their thing on stage and it was really fun to see the mix of people this festival gathers every year. The festival is sure a family affair and it offers music for all kinds of tastes and genres. That creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere and it is something that rubs of on visitors, security and the rest of the staff at the area.




Mustasch is out celebrating 10 years in the business and they have re-recorded their biggest hits on the album THE NEW SOUND OF THE TRUE BEST that was released earlier this year. This year have the band toured through Scandinavia and the tour ended at the beginning of August in Sweden. The band is truly loved in Sweden and they have toured themselves to success.




The band came out and stood in front of a black curtain that was hung at the front of the stage and waited for the intro to stop. “Dogwash” was the first song out as the curtain dropped. Band members are:

Ralf Gyllenhammar – vocals, guitar
Danne McKenzie – drums
David Johannesson  -guitar
Mats Johansson – bass

Gyllenhammar stood as always with one foot on the monitor and had the audience in the palm of his hand right from the start. “Mine” followed and Gyllenhammar then thanked everyone for being at the festival and for looking at Mustasch. Gyllenhammar announced the next song and it was the bands big breakthrough hit “Down In Black” and that song is as loved today as it was 10 years ago. The band felt as solid as ever and it  feels like nothing can make these guys stumble or make an error on stage. “Heresy Blasphemy” is another crowd pleaser that really got the crowd going even more crazy when it was played. Not many bands can beat Mustasch when it comes to a live performance and it seemed like the band thought it was as fun to be on stage as the crowd thought it was to see the band play live again. Gyllenhammar is a great stage persona and he always makes jokes and play around with both his band members as well as the crowd. When “Bring Me Everyone” rolled out over the area went the loyal fans even crazier and it was fun to see everyone headbang and scream their lungs out. Johannesson sang the first verse in “I Lied” until Gyllenhammar took over. Johannesson made a great guitar solo at the end of the song and Johansson took over with a bass solo after that.





When the crowd heard the intro to “Double Nature” the temperature rise and the semi cold Friday night turned tropic. The fans sang along with Gyllenhammar during the entire song and he looked really happy with the respond he got from the hardcore fans at the front of the stage. Johansson had some technical problems with his bass and Gyllenhammar took the opportunity to ask us if we wanted to hear more from Mustasch. Needles to say wanted everyone hear more and the song “Deep In The Woods” followed. Gyllenhammar introduced the worlds best drummer who just happened to be McKenzie and he was the one that kicked off the next song “Parasite”. The worlds best drummer made a short solo at the end of the song. Gyllenhammar said that the best thing with having the work as a rockstar was that he was aloud to drink at work and brought out a bottle of Jack Daniels on stage and toasted with the fans. Gyllenhammar thanked everyone for sticking with the band because without them had the band been nothing. “Black City” followed the whiskey drinking and he treated the fans with whiskey during the song. “I Hunt Alone” and “Angel’s Share” ended the show and while the band played started the rain to drip down over the area.





The show was over at 1.10 and Mustasch once again proved that they are one of the best live acts in Sweden at the moment. That along with a great set-list, great sound and light and an amazing front man and audience made it all a show worth to remember. The only negative thing was the heavy smoke that stayed put on the stage throughout the show which made it a little difficult to take pictures.

Set list
Down In Black
Heresy Blasphemy
Haunted By Myself
Bring Me Everyone
I Lied
Double Nature
Deep In The Woods
Black City
I Hunt Alone
Angel’s Share

A bus stood already and waited for the visitors when the show was over and it felt like a very convenient offer to take the bus this year. Last year was a nightmare because when the bus finally arrived it was jammed with people that almost fainted because of the heat inside and people had to almost stand on top of each other to get into the bus. So it was really nice to see that the organizers had taken the critics seriously and solved the transport issue.


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