Summer Rock Festival 2011 in Svedala, Sweden with Electric Boys, Mustasch and The Poodles

Summer Rock Festival 2011

Day 1



The area looked a bit different from previous years and I arrived about one hour before it was time for Electric Boys to enter the stage. The area was not crowded at all but that could depend on the lousy weather. The roadies had begun to set the stage for Electric Boys and I could see a smaller backdrop with the band name on it behind the drums. The closer it got time for the band to enter the stage, more and more people also came to the stage and waited for the boys to kick off the show. When it was about 15 minutes left to showtime, the majority came to the stage from the beer tents where they had been sitting warming up for the show. Electric Boys recently released their brand new studio album called AND THEM BOYS DONE SWANG that they’re out supporting on this summer tour. The original drummer Niclas Sigevall couldn’t join the boys on the tour and he was replaced by Jolle Atlagic (ex- Hanoi Rocks, The Quill) until the middle of July when Sigevall teamed up with the band again.


Electric Boys

The band entered the stage as scheduled and kicked of instantly with “Reefelord” taken from the new album and it was followed by the old classic song “Knee Deep In You” taken from the GROOVUS MAXIMUS album from 1992. Members are:

Conny Bloom – lead vocals, guitar
Andy “AC” Christell – bass, b-vox
Franco Santunione – guitar, b-vox
Jolle Atlagic – drums

The hardcore fans that stood at the fence in front of the stage were immediately clapping their hands and cheering along in the songs. Bloom thanked so much for the support and kicked off “Father Popcorn’s Magic Oysters” that wasn’t greeted as warmly as the old songs were. In front of the stage just below it were amps placed and they formed a short stairway down to the fans and Bloom used them to get closer to the people. “Electrified” followed and the fans had no problem singing along with Bloom in the song. Next song up was the bands major hit “Mary In The Mystery World” and there were no doubt that the band liked to play the song just as much as the fans enjoyed hearing it.




It was Bloom that worked the hardest to get the crowd going and Santunione and Christell mostly stood solid on one place throughout the show. The band felt solid and put together and I thought that Atlagic did a good job behind the drums even though he didn’t have the same flow and groove as Sigevall have. It was hard to believe that the band had been away from the scene since 1995 from all the vitality the members showed. “The House Is Rocking” and “Rags To Riches” followed and Bloom let the audience sing the chorus in “Rags To Riches”. After those songs was it time to play the first single from the new album which was the song “Angel In Armoured Suit” and it was followed by “Bad Motherfucker”. “Bad Motherfucker” is actually one of my favourite songs and it’s been ages since I last heard it live. That song was definitely the highlight of the show for me. Bloom sang the song without his guitar and while he sang he walked down to the photopit and sang the song down there. “Captain Of My Soul” ended the set and Bloom thanked for the huge support the fans had given the band during the show.




It was really a show that stood out and because I loved the band when they were active last time I really loved to hear the old classics once again. But the show wasn’t over yet. 40 minutes wasn’t enough to satisfy the eager crowd so the band came out once again to do encores. Bloom began the first encore with letting one fan in the crowd kicking off the song with the words “Now Dig This” and then followed the band huge hit “All Lips N Hips”. Bloom let the crowd sing the chorus and many of the people in the crowd danced through out the song, even the security in the pit did some dance moves and sang a long. At the end of the song he introduced the band members and Christell and Bloom gained the most applauds. Santunione closed the song with a really long guitar solo and when it ended was also the song over. 50 minutes of Electric Boys magic was over for this time.


Set list
Knee Deep In You
Father Popcorn’s Magic Oysters
Mary In The Mystery World
The House Is Rocking
Rags To Riches
Angel In An Armoured Suit
Bad Motherfucker
Captain Of My Soul
All Lips N Hips




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