US Power Metal band Sonic Prophecy Releases highly anticipated album “A Divine Act of War” on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby

Sonic Prophecy - A Divine Act of War
Sonic Prophecy - A Divine Act of War

The debut album from Utah’s Sonic Prophecy, “A Divine Act of War” is a full on power metal assault featuring soaring vocals, blazing guitars, and symphonic keys driven at full throttle by the pounding rhythm section. The album was written by the band as a true celebration of all things metal and as such encompasses many metal styles ranging from the heavy, anthemic fist pounding roar of “Heavy Artillery” to the folk-metal glory of “A Warriors Destiny”, or the dark majesty of the title track. From front to back the album truly represents all that is Sonic Prophecy style power metal!
The album features a robust presentation, including full-color 16 page booklet, and artwork done by the renowned Valgorth at Hammerblaze Studios. While we recognize that digital distribution is here to stay, we still believe in the power of a great physical album, and so we’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure that fans who purchase our cd won’t be disappointed.



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