ABORTED reveals track-listing, guest appearances for new album

Belgian death metalers ABORTED have just finished the band’s upcoming seventh studio album, Global Flatline ! The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the renowned Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, PESTILENCE, HATESPHERE) at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark, and the artwork was once again created by the grotesquely-talented Justin Osbourn from Slasher Design. Featuring some of the most horrid and disgusting art that the band has displayed to-date, this cover artwork represents Global Flatline’s lyrical content, as well as the album title.

Century Media will release a digital single of the title track, “Global Flatline”, on October 15th, and the track-listing for the full-length album is below.

Track-listing for Global Flatline:
1. Omega Mortis
2. Global Flatline
3. Источник Болезни (The Origin Of Disease)
4. Coronary Reconstruction
5. Fecal Forgery
6. Of Scabs And Boils
7. Vermicular, Obscene, Obese
8. Expurgation Euphoria
9. From A Tepid Whiff
10. The Kallinger Theory
11. Our Father, Who Art Of Feces
12. Grime
13. Endstille

Due to be released in January 2012, the regular jewel-case edition of Global Flatline will include 12 tracks while the limited-edition digipack will have 14 tracks. Global Flatline also features several guest vocalists, such as Trevor Strnad (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER), Julien Truchan (BENIGHTED), Jason Netherton (MISERY INDEX), and Keiijo Niinima (ROTTEN SOUND). In regards to their appearances on Global Flatline, Trevor, Julien, and Jason comment:

Trevor Strnad:
“It’s a pleasure to offer my vocals to Sven and the guys…The new material is fucking sick and I’m glad they would let me be a small part of it. Cheers to the masters of gore, ABORTED!”

Julien Truchan:
“I’m so honored to be a part of ABORTED’s new baby! So far, what I heard sounds absolutely devastating, sick and furious. Their best album for sure!”

Jason Netherton:
“When I got the track for the guest vocals, we loaded the files up and immediately our ears melted! A face-ripping, next-level entry for a new decade of death metal-it was a sheer pleasure to contribute some screams, and I am completely stoked to hear the entire album as soon as it drops!”

A video for the track “Origin Of Disease” was also shot in the UK this summer with director Phil Berridge (CEREBRAL BORE, etc), so prepare yourself for some new material from ABORTED coming soon!


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