Saga – Heads or Tails Live

Saga – Heads or Tails Live

Released: 2011

Eagle Records

Rating: 3.5/5

Saga is one of Canada’s premier Progressive Rock bands. They are in the same genre and category as Rush but much more enjoyable to listen to. I only became familiar with Saga a few years ago when they released their TRUST album and I have been a fan ever since. This single disc is a small sampling of how they are in a live setting.

Yes the music is quite technical and quite busy which isn’t for everyone (Myself usually included) but there is something about Saga’s music that keeps it interesting for us non-musicians. Their songs are slightly more ear friendly and dare I say ‘Commercial’ as compared to other Progressive acts such as Dream Theater who are musically and technically brilliant but their songs are boring as all hell for a non-musician. Maybe they are too over the top and the general public loses interest? This doesn’t happen with Saga as their songs are more catchy and hold your interest which is easy to hear on HEADS OR TAILS LIVE.

Excellent musicians, excellent songs and excellent sound are what makes this release essential for every Saga fan. The drawback to a release like this is that it deserves to be a full show on Blu-Ray so we can get a better account of the full live experience with HiDef sound and picture. Maybe next time?



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