Pink Floyd – Why Pink Floyd:Phase 1 / Discovery Editions

Pink Floyd

Why Pink Floyd? Phase 1; Discovery Editions

Released: 2011, EMI

Rating: 4.5/5 

Here it is nearing the end of 2011 and we the entire Pink Floyd catalog ReMastered and Re-Released. Usually ReMasters means jack up the levels to make the disc ‘Louder’ which more times than not means lose the dynamics of the original recording. Very few actually handle this process properly and Pink Floyd is one of them.

This is the first Phase of a 3 Phase program. We get the entire Floyd catalog released as single disc editions plus a double disc ‘Experience’ edition for DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. There is also an LP of DSOTM being released along with a deluxe Immersion set of the album for the big PF fan. This review is based on the Discovery Editions plus the Experience version of DSOTM.

I wouldn’t consider myself a huge Pink Floyd fan but I do enjoy most of the material I have heard up until this point. My PF listening has been rather limited outside of DSOTM, THE WALL and DIVISION BELL, plus the live P.U.L.S.E. and the ECHOES compilation. The arrival of their complete discography of studio albums was quite the welcomed treat to say the least.

It was DARK SIDE OF THE MOON that I put on first as it is the album as it is the most familiar to me. The ‘Experience’ version to be precise. I popped it into the player, turned it up and sat back. To my ears this sounded better then I remember it ever did. I am no audiophile with a tens of thousands of dollars system, on mine it sounded amazing. This new edition is damn near perfect. Everything sounds crystal clear. It as though a new breath of life has been brought back into the recordings. They sound fresh and new for the most part. The more popular songs seem to have really benefitted from the new 2011 mastering.

The packaging is excellent. I like the LP style sleeves that they decided to go with. Some may prefer the standard plastic jewel cases but LP style seem better suited to albums of this nature.These glossy gate-folds are really beautiful. Each album has the booklet in one pocket and the CD in the other, except for THE WALL and UMMAGUMMA which are double discs so the packaging is Tri-Fold (same with the ‘Experience’ version of DSOTM). Very well done and classy.

These discs are labeled ‘Discovery’ and they do exactly what they set out to do and that is help new or casual fans discover the band. The more die-hard and serious fan will go for the ‘Immersion’ set for DSOTM with all the extra discs and goodies but for the rest of us these ‘Discovery’ versions are all you will need. These titles will hit record store shelves on September 27th as part of the Why Pink Floyd? campaign. Phase 2 is set for November with the ‘Experience’ and ‘Immersion’ sets for WISH YOU WERE HERE along with a single disc compilation. Phase 3 will be February 2012 with THE WALL receiving ‘Immersion’ and ‘Experience’ sets. All 3 of these albums (DSOTM, THE WALL, WYWH) all have LP versions being released as well. Now is the time to Discover Pink Floyd and Experience some classic albums. With a little luck ANIMALS and the Syd-era albums will also receive the deluxe treatment in 2012.



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